Get Ready For The Green Card Lottery 2023

The registration for the DV Program is about to start, with October fast approaching. Learn everything you need to know about the DV lottery before submitting your application on the official lottery website. Having all the necessary information might come of great help both for filling the application and during an interview with the Consulate.

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When Does The DV Program 2023 Start?

The registration for the DV Lottery is open on October 6 through October 15. After you’ve submitted your application, you receive a confirmation number that you should keep for a few reasons. Essentially, you can use it to check your entrant status when the results are out in the following May.

What Are The Job Requirements For The DV Lottery?

When you apply for a Green Card through employment, you have to have a sponsor and be petitioned for by a U.S employer. Besides, it will take you up to several years to finalize the application process which is a rather costly one at that.

The DV Program doesn’t need you to be employed in the U.S to qualify to apply. Following conditions must be met:

  1. Have at least 2 years of training out of 5 at your job
  2. Your profession has to appear on the list of eligible occupations. Currently, the most relevant information can be found via

How Old Do I Have To Be To Qualify?

The DV Program has pretty loose conditions age-wise. All applying candidates must be at least 16 years of age, but there’s no maximum age limit.

According to stats, the majority of the DV Lottery winners are between the ages of 28-40.

Do I Need A Photo For My DV Program Application?

All applying candidates must submit a relevant photo of theirs with the registration form. Applying with the same image as last year is prohibited. Any participant who registers with the same picture will get disqualified automatically.

These days anything can be done using a smartphone only. The DV Program requires you to insert a valid digital photo as proof of identity and to get a compliant one you should use a qualified passport and visa photo service.

Save the cheat sheet below to make sure you submit a 100% acceptable photo.

  • Photo has to be 600×600 pixels, square and high-quality
  • Taken against a white backdrop. White sheet, blanket or a wall will work
  • No bright light reflection or shadows. Over and under exposure must be avoided
  • Glasses are forbidden as of 2016
  • Clothes must be neutral, no professional attire
  • Headscarves are allowed for religious reasons

You may find information regarding the photo’s size, eye and head measurements and position through the visa photo service website.

How Can I Find Out If My Application Was Selected?

You can use the official DV Program website to figure out whether you won or not. Simply enter your confirmation number to check the status of your claim. The results for DV Lottery 2023 are out in May 2022.

Is The DV Lottery Free?

While you’re not required to pay for participation in the first step of the DV Program, you will need to pay a small fee of $330 to be able to attend the interview with the Embassy.

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