Things To Know Before Your Job Interview [Infographic]

Recently I wrote an article about how you can prepare and ace a job interview. As I wrote that, I realized there is so much more that goes into it all. I mean, I could try and mediate tips and statistics until the world ends, and still I wouldn’t be able to close the gap between full control and final decision. It’s almost a science to get a new job since there are so many factors that play a huge part in the decision which the employer makes. But, as with my previous article called How To Ace A Job Interview, I am going to try and further shed some light on what you wish you knew before going into that job interview.

I will be doing so with the help of another infographic. It’s one that is researched and designed by Classes And Careers, and it could be seen as an extension to the one I published about a week ago. This one; however, goes a little bit deeper into the actual interview and what certain things you should avoid while in the interview itself. It boils down to being confident and knowledgeable as we mentioned before, but it also deepens our knowledge when it comes to things we should not do, wear or even say.

There are a few big no-nos that you should stay away from, and they are quite well outlined in the infographic. If you can keep away from these, you will already make a better impression. One particularly interesting thing is that being fashionable and trendy is almost frowned upon. Employers don’t want applicants to be either of these, and it would interesting to know the reason why that is. I mean, everyone is pretty much dressing up for an interview, but of course if you’re walking inside their doors acting all hipster and important, you can pretty much count on the fact that they’ll foot your butt out the door faster than you managed to get in it.

My own humble perception of the interview process (I haven’t been to many of them), is that as long as you are being your confident self, it pretty much comes down to your credentials and your personality, which plays the biggest part. Don’t be too serious, but don’t be too giggly either. Approach it like it was a fun coffee date with your best friend, and I am sure that you will have gained some points there already. Even though times are tough in this economic climate, there are still companies out there that I am sure would be more than happy to see you as their employee. You just have to find them. If you can keep that in your mind when going to that interview of yours, you are most likely doing better already. Keep being positive. Keep being energetic. And above all, keep trying, and you will definitely find that sooner or later your dream job will be yours. There are no limits, only barriers, and those can be overcome!

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