Getting The Absolute Best For Your Pet

A lot of people don’t understand the bond between a pet and their human. Those of us who come into work dejected because a beloved cat, budgie, or ferret died, get snorted at by coworkers. “It’s an animal,” they say, “Get over it.” We know that pets aren’t just animals–they’re our guides, our comforters, our counselors, and our source of unconditional love and approval. Our pets bring out the very best in us, become part of us, and change our lives forever. Western culture often ignores the deep bond between humans and animals and its potential for harmony, but it doesn’t escape us. We know.

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Why Your Pet Deserve The Best

If you have a pet that’s changing your life every day, you want to give them the best of everything, the same way you’d want to give goodness to any other source of love in your life. Ways to give love to your pet include the basics: walking with your dog or going for a romp in the fresh snow, letting your cat sit on your keyboard when you’re trying to work (again), talking and flirting with your budgie as she runs back and forth across your shoulders, letting your bunny out to run around and feeding her her favorite banana snack.

Beyond these everyday interactions that mean a lot both to your pet and you, you also want to get them the best toys, the healthiest food, the safest leashes. A great way to show love to your furry friend is to buy them hoodies and toys from Heart Me, since 50% of their profit goes to help save homeless animals. That way you and your pet can feel like the dynamic duo–saving others while you play with a new toy.

One of the hardest things about owning a pet is outliving them. No pet, apart from parrots and tortoises, will outlive their owner, and we will always have to face a season of saying goodbye. A great way to gain comfort in this devastating time is to make the most of their burial process.

It can be numbing to put your pet in a box and put them in the backyard. Instead, consider a service that provides cremation for animals, since a full return to nature is more dignified for your pet, and a scattering of ashes can be a beautiful way to aid you in your grieving process. New options for aquamation, a water-based process for cremating, leaves you with cleaner, sandier ashes, and are better for the environment. Helping contribute to a healthier world is a great way to honor your pet one final time.

For you and your pet, saying goodbye is still a long way off. Together, you make the world a better place. They do, because of their wisdom and goofy joy, and you do–because the love of your pet makes you a better human.

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