Getting Into Vaping – A Seriously Easy Guide

I got into vaping around the first big wave in popularity. This was the time when most e-cigs were still shaped like normal smokes. They’d use cartridges and come with a handful of flavors, though most were normal tobacco and menthol options.

Fast forward and I have a couple of e-cigs and different vape juice.

I never got too deep into vaping unlike a lot of others I know. I don’t do mods. I don’t blend my own juices. I use it in place of analog smoking. I feel like a lot of guides to vaping go too far out there — they lose people that just want a smoking replacement or to quit.

Consider this a seriously easy guide to vaping.

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Vaping 101: Entry-Level E-Cigs And Flavors

I use a SMOX Vape Pen 22, which has a decent battery and tank that isn’t too bulky. There are quite a few brands on the market. Which has the best options?

Honestly, stick with the well-reviewed ones if you’re a beginner:

  • V2 Pro Series 3
  • The JUUL
  • EX Series E-Cig
  • Vapor 2 Trinity
  • Aspire Gusto Mini

The battery life and general costs will play a big factor. But, I’d say consider the form factor, too, since you want something you can carry without it weighing you down (or getting damaged since you’re bound to forget it in your pocket).

We all have different flavor profiles so it’ll take a while before you find that best vape juice to your liking. I suggest getting a sample kit of different flavors to try them out. This way you can land on one or two you thoroughly enjoy and are willing to stick with.

What flavors would I recommend?

  • Certified Premium E-Liquid’s C365 — This has a sweet, butterscotch vanilla custard taste that’s not overpowering
  • Mt Baker Vapor’s Extreme Ice — This is the menthol taste you’ll want for those usually smoking Kool’s or Newport’s
  • Troublemint’s Sour Apple Gum — This should bring some nostalgia for Altoids sours and other tart candies
  • FJ’s E-Liquid Cookie Craze — This hits the sweet tooth without tasting too sugary; it’s got a nice, strawberry-vanilla sugar cookie/ice cream sandwich taste

Most vape shops will have displays where you can try these different flavors. Else, like I mentioned, try getting a sample box. Some will be an instant hit. Others… eh.

Going From Analog To Digital — A Realistic Timeline

Making the jump from traditional smokes to full vaping is a little tough for some people. You can replicate the “throat hit” with different liquids, PG/VG, and all that. But, there’s a routine you’ve developed with smoking that’s hard to crack.

Here’s a timeline (and tips) for making the switch:

  1. Find a good e-cig and set of vape juice (obviously)
  2. Set a switch date — It’s good to start after a good night’s rest so you’re ahead
  3. Start with stronger nicotine levels to feel hooked faster (I know, this sounds strange)
  4. Your blood pressure will drop in the first 20 mins
  5. Between 8-24 hours you’ll improve oxygen levels
  6. Around 48 hours a lot of your senses start coming back
  7. The 72-hour mark has your body getting rid of the nasty stuff from smoking

If you can make it past the 3-day mark then you’re usually home free. You’ll develop a taste for vaping. Urges to smoke normal cigs will still pop up for a few weeks. Try to stop doing the activities that you associate with smoking to help break the habit.

Of course: Don’t go back to old smoking habits and slowly lower the vape juice nicotine levels.

Final Thoughts And Suggestions

Vaping doesn’t have to be this overcomplicated activity where you’re in deep with modding. You don’t need to sink crazy amounts of money into an e-cig and juices to get value from it. Hopefully, this guide brought things back to basics and gets you interested in giving it a try (or another go).

It’s far better for you than normal smokes… that’s for sure.

Q: What e-cigs and vape juice would you recommend to someone starting vaping?

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