Glowing Sneakers | Fluorescent Colored Geekiness

I remember when I was in 3rd grade we used to have school discos where everyone enjoyed sodas and dance competitions (I actually came in second one time with my Travolta moves). It wasn’t so much the discos themselves that were the core of my memory lane visit, it was the doggone masterpieces of clothing that were the pinnacle of that era. We all had vibrant, almost fluorescent colored clothes combined with modern white art lines. Boys wore pink and green like it didn’t even matter and we were all the king of the catwalk when we went to these dances.

Why I am visiting this, in every way, embarrassing period in my life? It is because today I stumbled over some rather similar shoes. Shoes that in an instant took me back at least 15 years to the age of the mullet. How someone can be smart enough to bring these colors back into modern day is beyond me, and I must admit that I think it’s a darn good decision.

The designers at Reebok and Uslu Airlines collaborated to bring these badboys into existence and it remains to be seen if the still have as much of a cool reputation on the sales front as they do churning the treadmill of mouth to mouth promotion. In bright light, they appear to be quite normal white sneakers with a bit of fancy streaks of detailing on them. But, as soon as the lights go out, that’s the moment when you will be different from the rest… the king of the night so to speak. There is no way the people around you won’t notice you are there, and most likely, you will be the talk of the party all the way into the dawn.