Goldfish Beauty Pageant: 3,000 Fish Compete For The Crown

Have you ever seen a goldfish wearing a bikini? About a week ago, the world’s first goldfish beauty pageant took place in China. It was an international contest, and 3,000 goldfish from 14 countries participated. Not only did all those goldfish compete for the crown and title of “Most Beautiful Goldfish In The World,” the all also wowed the crowd with their fishy charisma. Unfortunately, they didn’t wear little fish bikinis during the competition. Instead, they were judged on breed, body shape, swimming style, color and overall impression.

In order to be sure each goldfish could compete fairly, they were all displayed in the same types of bowls, which were setup in long rows. The goldfish who won the competition was able to snag the judge’s votes because it was huge (1.75 kilograms – almost 4 pounds) and because it showed grace.

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I had a goldfish once that I thought I killed (accidentally), so I dumped her and the water from her bowl into the pond in my grandmother’s backyard. When I went out there a few years later, she was still alive, swimming around, and about as big as my hand. I bet she could have won this contest. The next time I have a goldfish that morphs into a monster, I’m going to enter her.

One of the judges, Ye Qichang, said about the winning goldfish, “Not all goldfish can grow this big. Many factors such as breed and breeding method may affect their size. A goldfish cannot grow into that size if it suffers any hardship or major illness during the breeding. So it is a very rare one.” I’m telling you, all you need to do if you want a humongous goldfish is dump it in a murky pond for a few years. They love that, and it works. Your fish will be all ready to compete in a beauty contest like this. Congratulations to the winning goldfish and to all the beautiful contestants!

3,000 Fish Compete To Be “Most Beautiful Goldfish In The World”



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