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Golf has often been a subject of debate among fans and haters alike. Most seem to think it’s a pretty easy sport to get into after seeing a match or two on TV, as it does look easy when you view it occasionally. It looks like it’s just people waving clubs and aiming for holes over the course of a couple of shots.

When you try your luck with it, though, you start to understand just how challenging this game is. The skill and accuracy needed are insane, and you’ll probably end up hitting shanks all day long – if you even managed to make contact with the ball. These expert tips will help you improve your game and start making some of the shots.

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Work On Your Stance

Stance is everything in golf. From the minute you set foot on the green and start preparing for your shots, you need to have a proper stance so you could actually make it. Your stance should be solid on the ground and wide. Your feet have to be stable, not tilting to either side, so you can control your weight and the power of the shot properly. Learn to build your golf swing from the ground up, because that is the way to do it.

Generate Enough Power On Your Shots

One thing that feels easy to most people when first viewing golf is generating enough power on their shots. You assume that just because the ball is small, and you have a strong build, that you can hit it with enough force to actually travel the distance.

When you hit your first shot, with all your might, you notice that the ball doesn’t travel really far. This is because the power on your golf shots doesn’t have anything to do with your muscles or how strong you are, but rather the technique you hit with. As the tips on explain, the power on a golf shot comes from your shoulders, arms, hips, back, and legs. You can’t just rely on your biceps to hit a powerful, long-distance shot. You need to utilize all those muscles simultaneously to generate enough power on your shot so it could travel the distance.

Align Your Body

Golf is a sport of accuracy, and making the shots means you need to aim well. When it comes to aiming properly, alignment is key. You need to make sure that your body is aligned with the holes so you could make the shots. You could have perfect aim, but if your body isn’t aligned properly, you will miss your shot.

It is not just your feet that need to be aligned, but also your knees, hips, shoulders, and your hands while holding the club. Keep working on your alignment every time you hit a golf course because nailing this one increases the chances of you making the shots exponentially.


A lot of people are under the impression that golf isn’t a physical sport, and you can go hit the ball without any form of warming up. This couldn’t be further from the truth. It is crucial that you stretch before you start playing because golf requires a lot of flexibility. Your muscles need to be loosened up so you could swing freely without any tension in your body. So, make sure you always stretch and warm up before playing golf; it will make a huge difference in your game.

Always Work On Your Grip

Holding a golf club might look easy from afar, but doing it yourself is often quite challenging. You need to work on your grip so you can make your shots successfully, so practice holding the club, even when you are not on a golf course. You have your clubs at home, so whenever you can spare a minute, grab a hold of one and practice. This will help you nail the grip in no time.

Get Expert Help

You can’t hope to get better at golf without having an expert guiding you and helping you improve all aspects of your game. They will tell you how to improve everything, from your grip to your backswing, and you need this kind of insight so you could grow and improve. So, make sure you get some expert help, if even for once or twice a month.

The most important thing when it comes to golf is to keep practicing. Things will get quite frustrating at times because it is not an easy sport to master and improve in. But you have to keep trying until you can finally find your game. If all else fails, try hiring an instructor.

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