7 Great Ways And Ideas For Customizing A Shirt

There are various ways to customize a shirt, whether it’s using scissors to hack and create a new design, or converting old cardigans into something fresh. By taking a shirt and making it your own, you can personalize your garment to fit your individual needs and requirements.

This is a great way to spice up your wardrobe, where it can get boring wearing the same things day in day out. This article will explore crafty ways of evolving your clothing, and you can achieve similar results with professional customization websites. Here are some great ideas for customizing t-shirt design.

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1. Alter Old Favorites

An old t-shirt can be jazzed up to bring it into the 21st century. You can turn it inside out and slice off the collar and sleeves, remembering to keep as much material intact as possible. This allows for various alterations at a later date, where for example you can cut along the back from armpit to armpit. This will create a flap you can lie out flat, providing various customization options. Why not trim this panel into 4-inch straps, and within no time you will have created a trendy, unique top that separates you from others.

2. Use A Professional Website

There are various websites which allow you to create custom t-shirts, so if you’re seeking inspiration for new designs, explore online to find out more. Websites like ThatShirt comprise a team of experts who are on hand to help personalize your wardrobe, bringing a whole new meaning to custom t-shirts. They also customize other apparel items, so if you’re intrigued by the concept, be sure to explore these options to find out more!

3. Sleeve The Past Behind

By taking a long sleeve shirt and removing the sleeves, you’ll simply convert a formal design into something casual. This is a great way to transform a t-shirt of no use otherwise, and a shirtless t-shirt can be complemented with a simple pair of jeans. This is a cool look that is rough and ready chic at its best, and you can cut the sleeves to a length that suits your personal preference.

4. Split The Sides

By grasping the underarm seam of a t-shirt, you can make an incision to create something spectacular. Make horizontal cuts of around 6 inches up to the armpit, and you’ll end up with something that resembles a rib cage. From here you can cut the bottom so you end up with two short pieces of fabric on either side. Take these two pieces of fabric and tie them together for a knotted t-shirt that promotes your midriff.

5. Spray Your Shirt With Stencils

Spray paint is a great way to take an otherwise bland t-shirt and add a custom design or introduce color. With a stencil, you can create a shape and get creative, and there are various tutorials online to guide you. You can even create a stencil of your name or an interesting pattern that suits your style.

6. Dyeing

Dyeing is an old favorite can be accomplished by getting hold of rubber bands and some dye. You can create your own unique masterpiece by attaching bands to your shirt and applying dye according, and when you remove the bands you’ll create an incredible swirl effect.

7. Stamped With Approval

This technique requires acrylic paint but allows you to be flexible with color and design. You’ll also need to buy a stamp, or otherwise form your own custom stamp using rubber. By pressing the stamp into colors of your choice, you can bring a personal touch to your shirt with a seal of approval. There are various stamp ideas you can take advantage of, and the good thing is the paint will eventually wash out, allowing you to regularly form new creations.

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