A Guide For Fathers – How To Prepare For A Baby

Having children is one of the most challenging and fulfilling experiences one can have in life. Not every baby is planned and even if it is, no one is ever fully prepared for the life-changing event that lies ahead. It’s the natural instinct of every parent to want to steward this precious gift in the best possible way. This article is designed to introduce the essential things, like what the highest standard infant formula is and more, any would-be father needs to consider.

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Make plenty of research

One can never read too many books or watch too many tutorials on the subject. In addition, there’s a host of information available online. When reading this article, it was helpful to learn that the teething process usually occurs around four months after birth. It’s also useful to have the symptoms identified so the correct treatment can be given as soon as they appear.

Many parents-to-be attend prenatal classes together. It’s a great bonding experience for each other and with other people on the same journey. Helpful tips and skills can save money, stress, and time.


It’s important for partners to be honest with each other each step of the way. There’s probably mixed feelings of elation, surprise, and nervous anticipation – particularly if it’s the first child. Everything will need to be discussed, including the birth. Will it be at the hospital, a water birth or a home birth?

There’s also the issue as to who will work after the baby has been born. If the answer is ‘both’, childcare provision will be next on the cards. Financial issues can be major causes of tension within relationships, so they have to be addressed.

Every couple has to become a team instead of just two separate individuals. There may have been set responsibilities before as to who does the shopping, cleaning or gardening. These things may need to change as the day approaches, and once the baby has been born.

Social media is a massive part of everyday life for many. As with mouth to mouth communication, it’s a great way of gaining hints and tips from other parents who are ahead of you in the journey. It’s possible to join Facebook groups in order to be part of an online community of similar people. Everyone supports each other, and these groups are often free to join.

If there are children in the house already, it’s essential to involve them from the very beginning. They need to feel included and to express their emotions as well. Thought also needs to be given to pets because the baby’s safety is paramount.

Accommodation And Other Financial Considerations

Serious thought has to be given as to whether the existing home is big enough to contain the new addition. If there is a room for the baby to sleep in, this may need to be furnished and decorated. Bedding and clothes storage must also be provided.

Lots of key purchases will need to be made, such as car seats, cots, and prams. Many young mums exchange childrens’ clothes amongst themselves. It’s a great way to save money, particularly as babies grow so fast. One minute the child is in a 0-6 months’ outfit, the next it is outgrown.

Disposable diapers will need to be purchased in advance. Whilst they are very convenient, particularly for exhausted parents, reusable diapers do save valuable money. They’re well worth considering if finance is an issue. In a similar vein, breastfeeding is cheaper than using a bottle. Having said that, mothers do have different preferences and breastfeeding is not always possible. The bottle-feeding option will require the purchase of bottles, baby milk, and sterilizing equipment.

The purchase of dummies may also be looked at. It’s important to check on the age at which they can be used and to research the orthodontic options.

Physical Intimacy

This will obviously change as the big day approaches. Once the baby has been born, mum will be tired and initially sore. Sexual desire reduces during the early days of child-rearing, and the partner will need to be understanding and patient.

The Final Stages

Extra help is well worth recruiting for when the baby is born. Perhaps parents or close friends can come on board with cleaning and bringing round some pre-cooked meals. A hospital bag needs to also be prepared, so one can travel at speed to the hospital when the time comes. Mum will need to bring everything she needs for the hospital, plus an outfit for the baby to wear on the journey home.

Parents-in-waiting will need to constantly communicate and prepare for the new addition. Once everything is in place, there’s nothing left except to wait for the birth and be ready to love this child with all one’s heart.

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