Guide To Buying The Best Suitable Golf Clubs For Seniors

Golf is in excellent sports for senior citizens. It gives them the opportunity to be out with mother nature. The sun will provide plenty of calcium and vitamin D to enhance strong bones for the seniors. In addition, the fresh air will revitalize their health. The swinging technique provides some activity and exercise minus the intense aches and injuries that they can get from other sports.

Because of the slow and steady pace in golf, this also serves as a wonderful socializing event for senior citizens. The most vital part about golfing is to know how to choose the proper golf club. Fortunately, in this article, we will provide information regarding the best golf clubs for seniors in 2018.

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Wood Golf Club

Wood clubs are made of wood. They mainly got their names from the fact that their heads are made of hard maple wood. This type of word has the largest and deepest head as well as the longest shaft. This makes them the best type of club for long shots because they can be swung at great speed. The club is not very heavy, so it enhances the speed and agility for the golfer.

The 1-word is called the driver and has the lowest loft. The higher number would have a higher loft and are known as the fairway wood. They are made for long shots off the turf. The wood is not ideal for beginners because of the low loft and driver, which makes it very hard to control. This type of golf club is more suitable for advanced players.

Iron Golf Club

Iron clubs are very versatile and can be used in a variety of situation. They can be used when you are 200 yards or less from the green. The closer you are, the higher the iron that you need to get. The Standard set can go from three iron all the way up to a nine iron. The larger loft is most likely the nine iron and are often called the wedges.

Hybrid Golf Club

Hybrids golf clubs are excellent for beginners and professional golfers. They are basically the combination of iron and wood clubs. This type of club is becoming more popular because they are easy to control and offers more room for error. A lot of golfing arenas have replaced half of their golf clubs with hybrids because of its easy maneuver and popularity.


This type of club is made of iron and are designed for short approach shots and pitches. The shots are often sharp that is why it’s good for short distance golfing.


Putters are highly specialized clubs that can roll the ball slowly and smoothly without any backspin or skipping. Beginners often use the 32 and 36-inch putters while the advanced golfers will go for a 40 or 50-inch club.

At the end of the day, it’s important to find the proper golf club for a senior citizen to enjoy this relaxing activity. The best thing to do would be to try out different golf club to see which one fits perfectly during a golfing session. This way, the senior will know which club they prefer and which one they want to avoid. After all, every golfer has a different preference when it comes to their clubs, but everybody loves to socialize and have fun during a good game of golf.

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