A Guide To Make Your Next Move Less Stressful And Affordable

Moving home can be such a fun life event, moving towards a new space, a new beginning, a chance to reinvent yourself in terms of décor and style. However, it’s also a very challenging and difficult time. It’s certainly not easy in any way, whether physically, mentally or on the purse strings. Don’t Worry! We can help, we won’t move any boxes, but we can help you get your mind in order before you start.

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Everybody tells you to plan, at this point you might be sick of hearing it, but it’s really important. Organization will help you break down the daunting task of ‘moving home’ to a measly ‘let me pack one room at a time’. Pretty soon you’ll know what you’re doing every day of the week, and the anxiety of starting the project will dissipate.

It’s important to know your budgetary restrictions and how to smartly work around them. Most people go to extremes when packing, they will either opt for packing and moving everything themselves or hire cheap long-distance movers.

We say, why not both? Pack all the small-to-medium items such as clothes, electronics, and decorative items by yourself, and move them to your new home. Leave all the big-ticket items such as bed frames, mattresses, wardrobes, large appliances to the movers.

This way you’ll save money by reducing the weight and items being moved by the pros, thus reducing your bill, and you’ll also save any future back problems by leaving the heavy lifting to the movers.

Reinvent, Refresh And Recycle

Moving is a great opportunity to really take stock of what you own. You can take advantage of the time you spend packing your clothes, identifying what doesn’t fit, what isn’t your style anymore, and what you can recycle/donate.

For some, it’s incredibly difficult to determine what they want to keep and what they can put to the side. Luckily, there are many schools of thought present in the world that can help you minimize your wardrobe and maybe even save some money.


Moving can have a big impact on your physical and mental health. It’s not easy to spend a couple of days running around packing, making sure everything is packaged in the correct materials and they’re placed properly in their respective boxes.

It has a very real effect on your mental health as well, the stress of being organized and not to procrastinate (totally easy to do in any situation) can take a toll on you. However, you must understand that stress is a part of life and there are many ways to deal with it. Remember, the move is temporary, but your dream home waiting for you will be with you forever.

Moving does not solely affect you, it also has an impact on the surrounding people. Your partner, kids, pets. It is important to be patient with them and understand the individual impact it will be having on them.

Your partner might now have a longer commute to work or a shorter commute but with more traffic. Your kids might have to move schools or stay at their current school but move further away from their friends. Adjusting to change takes time.


Moving to a new home includes the headache of letting all your service providers know that your billing address has changed. From internet service providers to home insurance. However, the bright side to this is re-quoting.

Now that you are in a new area, I would advise procuring multiple quotes from different companies on services you already have. You might get cheaper home insurance policies, cheaper and faster internet connection service, and better prices on your car insurance. If you’re already in the process of updating your billing addresses with service providers, you might as well look for better prices, what’s the harm in it?


Moving is a stressful and hectic task. There is so much that goes into it. “Do I really only have 3 pairs of socks?”, “Did I really wear that shirt with those jeans?” – Eye opening. It’s a transformative and challenging process.

However, with our guidance detailed above, we hope that you can understand that importance of planning. How the impact of such a big life event can affect not only you but the surrounding people.

Also, the importance and the benefits of recycling – save money by selling on old clothes and reducing the weight of what you need to transport. Working smart, not hard. All in all, if you take your time planning and be mindful of the different aspects of moving, then you should be golden!

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