Gentleman’s Guide To Making Her Swoon By GroomU [Infographic]

February 14th is only 3 days away, and if you haven’t figured out what to get your sweetheart yet, it’s time to stop what you’re doing and get a plan together. Don’t think you have to get something expensive to make her happy, you don’t. Just showing her how much you love her is the best gift in the world, and I’m sure most women would agree with me. All you need is a guide to making her swoon.

Think of this infographic by GroomU called Dating: A Gentleman’s Guide as your own personal guide to making her swoon. If you are unsure how to make Valentine’s Day or any other day special for her, this guide will walk you through all the details you need to know. GroomU, which is company well known for their male grooming products, is the perfect company to be giving out this much needed advice.

As this guide to making sure she has a great time on Valentine’s Day points out, the worst thing you can do is forget that you have a special date planned. Be sure you set an alarm on your phone so it will remind you! Remember to be sensitive, shave your stache and take a sentimental gift. If you just follow these gentlemanly rules for making any evening (especially Valentine’s Day) special, I’m sure you’ll be rewarded in more ways than one.

Oh, and one thing that is not on here which I highly recommend…Turn your phone off when you are on a date with your special lady. We don’t turn our phones off for hardly anyone, so turning it off for her will definitely show her how special she is to you. Ladies, the same goes for you. No checking Facebook during dinner!

The Gentleman’s Guide To Making Her Swoon

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Header Image Credit: [ModaMob]