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People who need hair transplantation and do research on the subject are faced with different price policies. Hair transplant prices differ from country to country. Hair transplantation operations, which are performed at different price ranges in many parts of the world, are a high-cost procedure, especially in Europe and America. Today, Turkey is the most preferred by those who want to have a hair transplant operation.

Turkey has come to the top in health tourism, especially in recent years, by training many experts in the field of hair transplantation. The technique used, quality service, and successful results, as well as being much more economical compared to other countries, have brought Turkey to the fore in hair transplantation.

With the increase in the number of people who have had a hair transplant in Turkey, many new hair transplant centers have emerged. For this reason, it is possible to see many hair transplant centers that differ from each other in terms of quality, experience, and price.

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Hair Transplant Cost And Services Provided In Turkey

Especially in Turkey, where foreign patients prefer hair transplantation, hair transplantation packages are prepared for foreign patients. All the needs of patients who prefer Turkey for hair transplant operations from different countries such as accommodation and welcome service are considered. Many hair transplant centers meet all their needs by meeting their patients at the airport. They send them off to their countries after the hair transplant.

Services Offered To Patients Coming To Turkey From Different Countries For Hair Transplantation:

  • Welcome from the airport with VIP transfer
  • Interpreter
  • Accommodation in the luxury hotel
  • Medicines and shampoos to be used after the procedure
  • Vitamins and additional treatments that nourish the hair
  • City tours on demand

The main reason for the price difference in the clinics that provide additional hair transplant services to the above services is the quality of the hair transplant center and the center that performs the hair transplant process.

Hair transplantation, in its simplest form, is the transfer of the grafts taken from the donor area between the two ears in the back of the head, with the help of a micromotor, to the area where the hair is absent or sparse.

The most obvious difference between FUE and Sapphire FUE Uniqueness is that the grafts taken in the Sapphire FUE technique are placed in the opened channels with special glass pens with sapphire material at the tip. This is important for the price difference for the hair transplantation process, the hair transplanted in this way heals faster after the procedure, and the hair that grows outcomes out more naturally.

The DHI technique is mostly preferred by people who experience thinning of their hair. Because in this technique, there is no need to shave the hair. A canal is not opened before planting to accommodate the grafts. Grafts are placed one by one in special pens for hair transplantation and transplanted to the area where sparseness is seen.

The DHI technique is a more expensive method than other techniques due to the difference in the medical materials used and the longer duration of the procedure. The Sapphire FUE method is more expensive than the classical FUE method.

In the classical Sapphire FUE method, the channels are opened with metal blades called slits, while in the Sapphire FUE method, the channels are opened with special pens with sapphire metal at the tip. Although the use of sapphire mines increases the cost, the Sapphire FUE method is often preferred because the recovery time is shorter and natural results are obtained.

How Can The Most Economical And Reliable Choice Be Made For Those Who Want To Have A Hair Transplant In Turkey?

First of all, it is very important to examine the post-procedure results of the clinics you will choose. In this way, you can predict how much efficiency you will receive from the service you will receive. However, the hair transplant specialist of the center you will choose, the doctor, the environment where the operation will be performed, and patient satisfaction are the most important points to be examined.

Shown as a favorite among hair transplant centers in Turkey, Now Hair Time Hair Transplant Turkey has become the popular hair transplant center of the last period with its patient satisfaction and successful results.

Why Now Hair Time Hair Transplant Turkey Hair Transplant Center?

Now Hair Time Hair Transplant Turkey is a hair transplant center frequently preferred by foreign patients from all over the world since its establishment. Standing out with its expert team and successful results, it has managed to become one of the best centers in Turkey in terms of patient satisfaction. The most important feature that distinguishes this center from other hair transplant centers in Turkey is patient satisfaction.

Many people who are considering hair transplantation are researching places where they can get quality service at an affordable price. While making this choice, they compare the experience, before-after results, quality, opportunities, and price policy of the hair transplant center they will choose with other hair transplant centers.

One of the most important reasons why Now Hair Time Hair Transplant Turkey is preferred is that it gains the most confidence with its successful results and offers quality service at an affordable price. It proceeds with the motto of “maximum graft, fixed price” and does not charge according to the number of grafts. The maximum number of grafts required for a natural and successful result is taken without damaging the donor area. This stands out as an important element that distinguishes Now Hair Time from other hair transplant centers.

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