Up Your Hosting Game With These 5 Exclusive Drink Sets

After you’ve spent the day getting all dolled up for a party, finding that the food and drink is being served buffet-style with paper plates, cups, and plastic cutlery, you wonder why the hosts asked their guests to dress up in the invitation. Maybe they were trying to be ironic, but you know what? It failed. Don’t call it a fancy dress party if it’s a barbecue, amirite?

Now, not everyone has the dishware, flatware or stemware to host a party, and that’s fine. For some people, this type of stuff doesn’t matter, but it does for you, particularly when it comes to drinkware.

How To Build Your Glassware Collection

There’s no shame in having nice things. If you’re someone who enjoys having company and loves a good party, serving as host of your own soirées with beautifully crafted glassware will make you the proverbial belle of the ball. Want to be the hostess with the mostess? Check out these five drink sets!

1. Monti Beer Tasting Set – Sempli

If you’re into home brewing or belong to a beer tasting club, the Monti Beer Tasting Set is essential to the tasting. The glasses come in four distinct sizes and shapes that have been purposely designed to get the best taste out of pints, pilsners, IPAs and the routine 12-ouncer. Sempli’s signature raised and pointed glass bottom helps to aerate the beer during pouring to enhance its bouquet. If you’re hosting a tasting, make sure you have the tasting instruments to knock it out of the park.

2. Whisky Lover Set – Teroforma

After a long day at the office, coming home and sinking into your Eames chair with a whisky glass in hand and the ice clanking soothes every sense of your body. The only potential negative of the experience is when the ice melts too quickly and waters down your drink. [pullquote]Teroforma’s Whisky Lover Set has created a whisky-drinking experience that gives you whisky on the rocks without the watered-down treatment.[/pullquote] The set is made up of two special hand-blown tumblers equipped with six natural whisky stones. The whisky stones act in place of the ice in chilling the whisky without watering it down. All you have to do is pop the stones in the freezer or ice bucket until they’re chilled!

3. Lempi Set – Iittala

Even if you’re not a big drinker, there are times when you’re going to want to have your sparkling water or La Croix in a fancy glass. Designed by Iittala, the Lempi Set (lempi meaning love in Finnish) is modular and ergonomic design. The tumbler fits nicely in the palm of your hand and can be stored without taking up much space. Perfect for formal dinners or picnics in the park, the Lempi set is perfect for any occasion.

4. Grand Cru Café Glass – Rosendahl

The thing to remember about hosting a party is that not everyone has the same drinking preferences. Where someone might want a whisky malt after dinner, another might want coffee. The Grand Cru Café Glass developed by Rosendahl was designed with heat-resistant glass, meaning it can be used for a refreshing beer or hot tea. Not only that, but the symmetry and simplicity of this glassware set makes the user feel elegant and refined. Isn’t this what we all want—to help our guests feel good at the party?

5. Koi Old Fashioned Set – Tinsley Mortimer

The minimalism of a cylindrical glass tumbler, it’s smooth feel and effortless design can make an ordinary tasting extraordinary. Tinsley Mortimer’s Koi Old-Fashioned Set with its koi fish motif takes the simplicity of the tumbler and makes it artful. When you pour a colored cocktail into the glass, the fish appear to “swim on water.” Imagine the added of fun of your cocktail party with these dancing specimen!

Now you have no excuse not to get your serving game on. These five drink sets are sure to quench your thirst!

Whisky Lover Drink Set By Teroforma

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