How To Block Robocalls And Spam Calls

Robocalls and spam calls have always been on the list of the most annoying things. You seem to receive them at the worst possible time. The good news is that there are effective ways to block these calls, which tech experts share. Below is more information about them.

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Sign Up For Do Not Call

The US Federal Trade Commission maintains a service called Do not Call, which you can contact at 1-888-382-1222. Make the call from the number you would like added. You can register more than one. Your entry will become effective within a month.

By signing up, you’re giving the FTC a chance to learn about illegal telemarketing activity and try to stop it.

Place A Limit On Your Incoming Calls

Some apps can minimize the number of spam calls you receive. The best ones let you report a number, provide spam alerts, and block robocalls automatically.

People Search Tools

People search tools like are fast and efficient. You can use reverse phone lookup to find addresses associated with phone numbers, assuming the person calling you isn’t hiding their number. You can also find other contact details. The results are tantamount to an impromptu background check of the entity bothering you.

You can use Hiya to report numbers. It can be enabled under the Caller ID on Samsung Galaxy phones. You can also use Google Voice’s block feature to keep robocalls at bay.

Ask Your Phone Company For Help

Most phone companies make call blocking available. Some options are free; others aren’t. If you use Android, you’re automatically signed up for Verizon’s Call Filter. This app gives you a spam filter, lets you report numbers for free, maintains a list of blocked or spam calls, and can allow calls from specific numbers only. For a small fee, you can get a caller ID, spam lookup, a personal block list, and even an app gauging spam risk.

AT&T’s ActiveArmor service is compatible with iOS and Android. There is a free and a paid version. The former blocks spam and fraudulent calls and features warning labels and a personal block list. All restricted numbers can be blocked.

The paid but quite affordable version allows caller ID, reverse lookup, Wi-Fi protection, and identity monitoring.

Finally, T-Mobile’s clients can avail themselves of Scam Shield for free. It offers spam reporting, caller ID, scam call block, and the option to list numbers as favorites so they’re not marked as spam mistakenly.

How To End Robocalls For Good

When you receive an anonymous call, don’t pick up the phone. If you answered out of distraction, hang up at once. You might hear a recording instructing you to press a button to opt out of robocalls. This is also a scam.

Never provide any personal details you’re asked for. They don’t need to know your Social Security number, email, your mother’s maiden name, or anything else. If you have any voicemail accounts, set up a password for them. This way, hackers won’t be able to spoof your number and get access to your voicemail.

When people answer a robocall, they’re sometimes asked to answer a question with “yes” or “no.” Saying “yes” is taken as agreement to something that’s not in your best interest. Don’t believe anyone that tells you they represent a legitimate business or a government service. Look up the agency or company online to verify the claim.

Before you sign up for any blocking technology, give your phone company the numbers that are spamming you.

Watchdogs Are Cracking Down On Robocalls

The FCC and other watchdogs are coming down hard on robocalls. Based on call analytics, the FCC is getting phone companies to block illegal or unwanted calls by default. The FCC has filed and won lawsuits against telemarketers for hundreds of millions. It also requires phone companies to enforce caller ID authentication to reduce spoofed calls.

The alternatives in this article can help you prevent or at least reduce spam calls. It won’t happen without any effort on your part, but it’s possible.

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