How Chipping And Putting Affect Your Play On The Golf Course

There are so many aspects in which you can gain success in your golf game. Of course, an important aspect of your golf game is your shot off of the tee. First of all, you want to be able to get a good distance on your tee shot. This is especially important if you are in the middle of a round, playing a hole with a Par 5.

Once you get some distance, then an avid golfer must work on their accuracy with the same regards. At some point, a golfer must work on getting the majority of their tee shots to land in the fairway as opposed to the rough or a bunker. However, that is only half of the battle.

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After you gain good footing with your long game, you must master the short game in the form of chipping and putting. It is pretty simple. Once a golfer’s chipping and putting are strong, his or her golf score will improve. In this piece, we are going to go over how your golf game is affected by putting and chipping.

In order to improve your chipping and putting, it is going to take quite a bit of practice. There are many ways in which you can practice and sharpen your short game. Having adequate equipment is also necessary to make sure you are not being held back. You can check out for golf clubs that would perfectly suit your skill level and game.

Golf Drills To Improve Your Chipping And Putting

Let’s take a look at the drills that you can do to improve your chipping game. You can begin to work on this by doing a triangle chipping drill. Essentially, the trick is to practice chipping while creating a shape in the form of a lower-case Y with your arms as well as the shaft of your golf club.

Be sure to put most of the weight on your front foot and be sure that your upper body is doing the majority of the work during the swing. With this, you can practice short shots around the green.

Another drill for chipping is a drill known as the hula-hoop chipping drill. This is a drill that involves putting a hula-hoop around the hole in the green. After that, place 8 golf balls at 5-yard intervals from the hula-hoop. The goal is to successfully chip each golf ball within the hula hoop.

Once you hit one successfully, you move on to the next golf-ball five yards away. However, you have to start over from the beginning if you fail to chip a golf ball within the hula hoop. This is a great drill as you will learn to practice chipping with a little bit of pressure attached. This will assist with the mental aspect of this sport as well.

Putting Drills For Golfers

There are also drills you can learn to improve your putting. One drill that can be performed is a drill such as the 1-2-3 putting drill. This involves putting the ball close to the hole and then putting two more balls in longer distances successively after that. Ideally, you want the three balls to be within 10 feet of the cup. After all, 4 out of every 5 putts are within 10 feet of the hole. Thus, this is a great drill to practice these critical putts.

Another drill is a drill known as the meter stick putting drill. This is done by taking a meter stick and placing it 6 feet from the hole. The objective is to be sure the ball stays on the meter stick all the way to the hole.

For a wide range of additional putting drills, be sure to check out The Left Rough. Their collection of resources offers diverse exercises to improve your putting skills and enhance your overall golf game.

Golfing Short Game Mindset

Mastering the short game is not just a physical battle. It’s a mental battle. Many golfers have lost several strokes on the golf course due to losing the mental battle in their own heads. Thus, it is important to prepare mentally by having a paradigm shift in the mind when it comes to your approach.

First of all, you must view putting as an enjoyable activity and not an arduous task to overcome mentally. Secondly, you must accept the fact that you are not going to make every single putt or have success with every chip. You must be comfortable with failure in this regard. If you can master that mentally, you will be able to put a failed putt or chip behind you quickly without losing confidence.

Before you get out on the golf course, you have to be able to trust in the techniques and overall preparation with regards to chipping and putting beforehand. By doing this, golfers put themselves in a better state of mind. This will all but ensure improved golf scores.

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