How To Choose The Best Locations For Vacation Rentals

Rental real estate, precisely vacation rental properties, might be the right fit for you. Investing in properties like apartments not only opens up multiple avenues of potential income, but it also offers options to accommodate family and friends – along with generating ongoing income streams.

Here’s how to choose locations for vacation rentals that are profitable by taking essential factors into account.

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Research The Local Tourism Industry

Check out the local tourist attractions when you’re setting up a vacation rental business. Think about the area’s climate, geography, culture, and economics. For example, beachfront vacation rentals in Hawaii may offer different services than those in Colorado’s mountains. Consider the activities available to guests, such as swimming pools or hot tubs.

Research the local tourism industry. Find out what draws visitors to the area. Discover local events and activities in the area to get more customers. Ask locals about the area and what they think would attract more tourists. Talk to other vacation rental business owners and see what they offer.

Provide Amenities Like Parcel Solutions

When evaluating each potential location, consider what other apartment complexes offer regarding features and amenities. For instance, you must consider transportation, housing, schools, dining and shopping options, and recreational opportunities.

Also, consider services you could offer in your vacation apartments, such as smart lockers that offer parcel solutions. These lockers should provide residents with a secure and convenient way to receive and dispatch package deliveries. They provide contactless package delivery and pickup options to eliminate the need for the apartment manager to handle packages for the residents.

Market Your Vacation Rental Business

Check out the competition. Look at their rental prices and services, then compare them to your own. Consider ways to stand out, such as offering discounts or unique features.

When you start your business, advertise your vacation rental business online. Create a website, list your property on vacation rental sites, and use social media to reach potential customers.

Create A Welcoming Atmosphere

Once you’ve purchased the property, maintain it in excellent condition. Keep it clean and well-maintained at all times. To make guests comfortable, offer amenities such as fresh towels, linens, toiletries, and other items.

Offer personalized services and unique experiences like guided tours, local activities, events, or restaurant discounts. Inform the local tourism board of your property so they can recommend it to visitors.

Provide excellent customer service throughout the guests’ stay. Respond quickly to any questions or concerns they may have, and always be available to make their experience as pleasant as possible.

Choose A Vacation Town With A Low Crime Rate

Even after you find a low-crime vacation area, continue to make safety a priority. For instance, inform your guest about what areas of the town are patrolled by law enforcement.

By being proactive and prioritizing safety, you can ensure guests have a stress-free vacation at your apartment. You can also provide information about the most convenient transportation options from the airport or train station to your lodging.

Additionally, devise an emergency plan for anything unexpected during a guest’s stay. For instance, the apartment should have updated fire and electrical safety measures, like smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

Let your guests know you have a comprehensive emergency plan covering all scenarios. Provide any available information on finding immediate medical attention in an emergency, such as the closest hospital or urgent care center.

Give your guest a list of local emergency services to contact if needed. Proper lighting and secure locks for doors and windows in the apartments are also essential for maintaining security at the property.

Create A Secure And Convenient Vacation Rental Experience

Creating a successful vacation rental business requires research, marketing, and preparation. You need to understand the local tourism industry, create a welcoming atmosphere for your guests, choose an area with low crime rates, and provide comprehensive emergency plans. By following these tips, your vacation rental business will be one of the best in town and will attract more customers year after year.

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