How To Create A Children’s Bedroom They Won’t Outgrow

Moms know how kids outgrow their clothing and preferences very fast. That’s why they learn how to pick kids raincoat that will fit their size and style for multiple seasons. Moms also know that kids may outgrow their bedroom fast if you do not adopt a few tips on interior design and décor that do not require complete overhaul as the kids grow.

The choice of bedding and décor scheme is fundamental in your children’s bedroom design. For blankets, opting for adult blankets instead of kids’ blankets saves you the hustle of having to buy new ones soon enough.

But remember that if you are choosing a weighted blanket for adults, their weight matters a lot, so choose wisely. Striking a balance between what your kids love and can use now with what they would love later in life and your creativity will ensure that the design and items you buy for them last long. So how can you create a children’s bedroom that they will not outgrow soon?

Most parents find themselves in this dilemma. The cost of redesigning a bedroom now and then may take a toll on the family budget. Below are 4 tips to help you get the kids’ bedroom design right.

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How Create Children’s Bedroom Header Image


1. Invest In A Big Bed

Children grow very fast, and soon they will ditch the baby cot and baby bed. There is no harm in buying a big bed for your child. They enjoy big beds that allow them to sleep in various positions without affecting their comfort. Consider other vintage convertible furniture such as the change tables. As kids grow older, you can convert a changing table into a bookcase or a dressing table.

Another fun and unique option for kids are children’s teepee beds. These beds provide a cozy and playful sleeping environment that can ignite your child’s imagination and make bedtime more enjoyable. Teepee beds come in various designs, such as cabin-style beds or canopy beds, and can add a touch of adventure and whimsy to your child’s room.

As your child grows, you can also consider converting other furniture pieces, such as change tables, into functional and stylish pieces that can evolve with their changing needs.

2. The Color Pallet And Bedroom Theme

It is hard to resist the urge to give the children’s room a theme based on their favorite cartoons or toys. But you do not need to paint the room in such colors or invest in bedding with such kids’ themes. When the kids outgrow these themes, they will demand a change of the bedroom decor scheme.

That is why you should opt for neutral but exciting bedroom colors. Some kids may also have a favorite color that you can easily blend in by painting their furniture or buying drapes to saturate the room with their favorite colors. Such items you can change when they outgrow their color preference.

3. Choice Of Bedding

Most kids prefer stuffed animals in their bedrooms and animal prints for their pillowcases. Such items are cheaper to replace. But it would be a good idea to have neutral-colored bedding that is universal for all ages. And surely opt for a heavy-duty one too.

To choose the right bedding for your kids, you should consider the following factors:

  • Size and quality.
  • Special needs bedding requirements.
  • High-quality materials.
  • Safety with regard to fire and standard safety measures.
  • Budget and kids’ preferences.

4. Practical And Multipurpose Storage Solutions

Investing in ottomans and beds with storage underneath ensures your need for storage is satisfied. An ottoman storage option also serves as a sitting space for your kids and helps reduce the need for additional furniture that can clutter the room. So instead of a chest of drawers for kids’ clothing, go for such practical storage spaces.

Lastly, involve kids in designing their room. The secret is to let them have many options and then help them choose a classic and elegant design that they are not likely to outgrow very fast.

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How Create Children's Bedroom Article Image

How Create Children’s Bedroom Article Image