How Do You Overcome Addiction?

Addiction can be overcome by acknowledging and accepting your problem. Seeking help is the next step through therapy, support groups, or a combination.

You can tell if you’re addicted to a substance if you notice changes in sleeping patterns, drastic changes in mood or behavior, physical appearances, poor hygiene, or trouble maintaining relationships. Here’s how to start on the road to recovery.

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Choose A Recovery Program

Each rehab offers a different approach. Consider your goals and needs when choosing a program, the type of therapy offered, and the length and cost.

Elevate Addiction Services in Northern California recognize that people can – and do – free themselves from substance abuse and move into healthier, addiction-free lifestyles without following the 12-step program model, which believes that someone is an “addict for life” and always at risk of relapsing.

After helping thousands of people on their path to becoming – and remaining – sober, they have demonstrated that there is a chance of finding permanent sobriety using their non-12-step recovery program.

Their approach works for thousands of clients every year who recognize their power to let go of their addictions. These former patients no longer believe they will be lifelong addicts and have taken control of their lives.

Recovery Options For Other Addictions

While inpatient and outpatient rehabs can help those facing drug & alcohol addiction, other common addictions, such as social media, video gaming, or gambling, require a different approach, such as individual therapy or support organization.

Cognitive behavioral therapy with a licensed psychotherapist allows patients to examine the negative thoughts and behaviors contributing to their addiction and develop healthier coping mechanisms.

Additionally, organizations such as Gamblers Anonymous, SMART Recovery, and Social Media Addiction Anonymous have supported those struggling with each kind of addiction. These groups can provide peer-led support and guidance about how to manage the addiction.

In comparison to individual therapy, these groups are less structured. They offer a safe, nonjudgmental environment for discussing addiction issues. Participants share their stories, report on their progress, and advise newcomers.

Find A Support Network

A strong support network is vital to overcoming addiction, regardless of its type or severity.  Family and friends can help you stay motivated and focused on recovery, providing comfort and reassurance.

Having people to talk to can help normalize the recovery process. They can provide guidance, advice, and practical support.

Develop A Plan To Manage Cravings

Cravings are normal and even expected when you are in recovery.  You can find ways to manage these difficult times by developing coping skills and seeking support.

Developing Coping Skills

Examples of coping skills for feeling overwhelmed include:

  1. Practicing relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, yoga, or meditation
  2. Talking it out with a trusted friend or therapist
  3. Doing something creative like drawing, painting, or writing
  4. Participating in physical activity like going for a run or playing a sport
  5. Eating healthy snacks
  6. Connecting with others in recovery support groups or online communities
  7. Communicating your needs to family, friends, and other supports.

Seeking Support

If you need social support, consider joining online forums for people dealing with similar addictions. By hearing stories of recovery, you can understand what is possible for you and stay motivated to achieve similar goals. You can also get advice from people who understand what you’re going through because they’ve been there themselves.

Form Healthy Habits

Making healthy lifestyle changes is crucial to addressing addiction. Exercise and nutrition not only improve overall health but also alleviate symptoms associated with addiction, like depression and anxiety.

Other healthy habits are meditation and journaling. Meditation can reduce stress and create inner peace, while journaling can create clarity about your past and help you figure out a new future for yourself.

Find The Right Information And Resources

Knowing what to do is one of the biggest challenges when seeking addiction treatment. You can start by understanding where to get professional help, building a supportive network of family and friends, developing a plan for managing cravings, and forming healthy habits.

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