How Dogs, Cats & Other Animals See The World [Infographic]

Something that most people don’t really think about is how differently we humans see things compared to animals. It’s easy to think it’s the same for us all, but nothing could be farther from the truth. What seems like a colorful world to us is just a dull place for cats and dogs for example. There are a lot of factors that make it different, and it would be better to learn all that from Discovery rather than from me. However, the mere thought that our dogs and cats don’t see things the same way that we do changes a whole lot of things. We are no longer able to tell our dogs to fetch the blue colored ball since there is a possibility that he or she is entirely color blind.

Of course, it doesn’t even matter what we say since I am sure that most dogs don’t even know what “blue ball” means, but we act like they do, right? In order to enlighten you all about how differently animals see things, Mezzmer put together a really cool and informative infographic called How Animals See The World which compares the human way of seeing things with the way that animals see things. It’s a nicely put together infographic with lots of interesting information.

If you think that just because animals have eyes they see things the usual way, I hate to tell you that you are wrong. Sharks, for example, hardly see anything at all. Their eyes are way less sensitive than their other senses, and that is exactly the reason why surfers and swimmers get attacked. It’s simply because certain water activities are similar to how seals make their way through the water. The shark’s sonar picks up activity in the water and converts it into an image in its small brain, which happens to somewhat match that of a seal. It’s not much more difficult than that really. So, soak in all the knowledge about wildlife, and how they see things. It will be a life changing experience, I tell you.


Via: [Cool Infographics]