How Heavy Machinery Is Moved

Moving heavy machinery the right way is crucial, for it is costly and requires delicate treatment. Just as you move light, fragile things with care, it is equally important to move heavy machinery or objects with care, as well. If the machine topples because of a minor mistake, there are chances it will suffer significant damage. In this article, we will guide you through some interesting tips for moving heavy machinery with care. Keep in mind; heavy machinery means one has invested a lot of money to buy it.

Therefore, moving it the right way should be the primary focus whenever it comes to transferring machinery from one place to another. For many companies, transporting heavy machinery is nothing but a nightmare, but the correct equipment and procedures can solve these issues. Here is a guide you should follow to facilitate this.

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Use Machinery Moving Skate Sets

Machinery that doesn’t have wheels can be easily moved with skate sets, instead of dragging it. Furthermore, with less friction, it is easy to move the machinery. If your machine weighs between 8 to 36 tons, you must incorporate machinery moving skates to transport it. The best part about machinery moving skates is they can easily be maneuvered with the help of a steering handle.

However, make sure you bring the right skates according to the weight of the machine. Even if the weight of the machine is only a few pounds more than the actual weight maximum for the skates, the risk is higher for the skates getting broken.

Use Caterpillar Skates

Caterpillar skates have been around for quite some time now. They are the perfect option for transporting heavy machinery from one place to another. You will be intrigued to know these skates can transport machines that weigh between 20 to 60 tons.

Their incredible design and texture make them the perfect option to transport the heavy stuff. Even if you want to move heavy pieces of furniture or conventional machinery, caterpillar skates are a must-have. Caterpillar skates work faster than other types of skates that are available in the market.

Get Professional Help

If you don’t know how to navigate heavy machinery the right way, a wise choice is to opt for professional services. Instead of toppling the expensive machines it is better to hire a suitable company which can take care of all the work.

You must check with A&A machinery if you want to get everything done the right way. The best part about professional companies is they claim responsibility. They take complete control of the situation. Furthermore, these companies comply with all safety protocols, which are essential to follow.

Use A Crane To Move The Machinery

Cranes have always been immensely important in heavy lifting. If you want to transport heavy machinery from one side to the other, you must consult a crane company to do this work. The benefit of a crane is it can lift heavy weights and safely transport heavy loads.

The maximum weight that a crane can lift is around 18 metric tons. It can’t handle more than 18 tons if the weight is positioned close to the jib. Therefore you must acquire a crane to carry medium-sized machinery.


These are the main ways in which you can transport heavy machinery. Keep in mind; this work doesn’t require a lot of human effort because an average man cannot lift heavy stuff, which weighs in tons.

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