How High Heels Hurt Your Body [Infographic]

It seems today’s theme is about the odd ways humans put clothes and shoes on their bodies in order to further “enhance” their posture, femininity or masculinity. If it’s not some weird new men’s underwear technology, it is how women bend their bodies like contortionists in order to push themselves into looking more attractive. I personally have no idea why some women do this. Some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen have been ordinary women without an arsenal of “enhancers” in order to pull off their already shining personalities. However, don’t get me wrong, women in high heels are as beautiful as women without them, so unfortunately it all falls on you.

Do you women know exactly what kind of stress a pair of high heels puts on your bodies? While having a look at this infographic compiled by Spine Center Altamonte, I was shocked about the many ways women are physically hurt by high heels. The infographic, called How High Heels Hurt Your Body, is jam-packed with all kinds of physical data about the angles, strains and stress that different pairs of high heels actually put on the female body.

The interesting thing is that it seems women are slowly walking away from high heels. Since 1986, the percentage of women who wear high heels daily has gone down from 60% to just 39% in 2003. Luckily, there are some easy things you can do to lower the stress on your feet while wearing heels it seems. The infographic ends with 7 simple tips on how to put less stress on your forefeet and the muscles around it. Make sure you check those out to save your body from permanent damage.

So, even though I have no clue how it must feel to walk around in high heels for a whole day, I can imagine from the data presented in this infographic that it must stress your feet like crazy sometimes. I wonder what triggered the use of these, if you think about it, mad shoe designs in the first place? Maybe some of you know and would care to tell us about it? Other than that, to all you women wearing high heels, make sure you take care of your feet. They have to last you an entire lifetime.

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