How Do You Install A Water Filtration System Under A Sink?

When it comes to drinking water in your home a great way to improve the quality and the taste is by installing your very own home water filter. There are many different types of water filters available but one of the most effective and discrete filters is an under sink charcoal filter. There are various models available but most are very easy to install and only need a few tools.

Here is our guide to installing a water filtration system under your sink.

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1. Prepare The Necessary Tools

The filter and all of its necessary adapters and parts should all come in your filter kit but there are some tools that you will need in order to install the filter under your sink. Different models of the filter may vary slightly in the tools that are required but generally, the first thing you will need is an adjustable wrench which is used for tightening the various fittings. Second, you will need two pairs of pliers for tightening and breaking connections. Finally, you will need Teflon tape for waterproofing and sealing.

These are the tools that you will need to install 90% of under sink filters but there is always room for more customization when you are fitting a filter. Additional components like UV filters or a stylish faucet can be added to your standard filter and these may require extra tools for installation. Read the instructions that come with these components and they will tell you which tools you need.

2. Cut Off And Empty The Cold Water Line

The first step to installing your water filter under the sink is to cut your cold water line off from the water supply and empty it out. When you look under your sink, you will see two water lines for hot and cold water. In 99% of cases, the cold water line will be on the left and the hot water line on the right. If you are not sure which is which, run your hot water and see which line heats up. You only have to shut off the cold water because your filter will only be attached to the cold water line.

Some water lines will have a shutoff valve attached to the line itself which will look like a little handle, whilst others will need to be shut off at the main water source in your basement, or wherever it is located in your home. After you have shut off the cold water line, next turn on the faucet to drain out any water that is left above the shutoff valve. Simply use a bucket or a large mixing bowl to collect the extra water from the cold water line.

3. Replace The Cold Water Connection With The Filter’s Adapter

You need to do this in order to connect the filter to the cold water line. At the top of the cold water line, you will see a connection with a hexagonal cross-section which you will be able to break with a wrench. Replace this with the T shaped adapter that will be in your water filter kit. It is really important not to over tighten when attaching the adapter to the cold water line. To make it more waterproof, wrap Teflon tape three or four times around all three threads of the T shaped adapter.

4. Connect The Water Filter To The T Shaped Adapter

Once the adapter is attached to the cold water line, you can now attach the filter into the remaining thread. The first thing you need to do is to push one end of the black tube from your filter kit into the T shaped adapter and the other end into the filter. There are usually some picture instructions on the back of the filter which will show you where the tube should go.

5. Reconnect The Cold Water Line And Run The Tap

Once your filter is connected, simply reconnect the cold water line and check that everything is working fine and that there are no leaks or blockages. If everything is okay, the final thing you have to do is to run the cold tap according to the instructions that came with the filter. This is usually in five to ten-minute intervals and this will activate the filter’s carbon.

Under sink water filters are very effective at removing hard metals and minerals from your water and improving its taste and quality. There are various models available and most will come with all the parts that you need for easy home installation. All you have to do is prepare the necessary tools and follow this easy guide and you will be enjoying fresh, filtered water in no time.

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