How Do You Lay Your Turf To Ensure It Lasts Longer?

While reseeding your lawn may seem like the most natural and therefore the best option when it comes to revitalizing your garden, there are many advantages to laying turf as opposed to seeding it. First off, the results are instant, turf also prevents more weeds coming through than manual seeded lawns and many more.

However, if you are not engaging a professional to lay your turf you have to be extremely careful to ensure that the lawn is laid following best practices otherwise, in a worst-case scenario, the turf could fail to take to your lawn and result in it dying and you losing your investment, leaving you back at square one. So, let’s look at some of the most important aspects to keep in mind during this process.

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Measuring And Amounts Of Turf

It’s imperative that you measure your lawn accurately to ensure that you have all the available turf needed to lay it all at. This is to ensure that the grass all grows in a uniform way and that the appropriate amount of underlay is ordered.

To measure how big your lawn is, accurately plan out the areas that you require turfing and sketch it out on a piece of paper, ensuring that you keep the designs in as simple of shapes as possible. Once you have this preliminary sketch then you want to measure the individual areas and take note of their measurements on the appropriate part of your “blueprint”.

Complete The Rest Of The Garden Work And Prepare Your Soil Before Turfing

If you are renovating your entire garden it is wise to finish the rest of the proposed work before thinking about laying your turf. This is to ensure that all edging, borders, and boundaries are installed and also that you can adequately prepare the soil by removing any existing plant life from your lawn.

You also have to make sure to get the quality of your soil checked as some turf grasses can die easily if the soil that is laid is too acidic or too sandy for example. Lastly, if your lawn area is uneven or doesn’t drain water well, some amount of excavation or installation of an agricultural drainage pipe may be required to ensure the best possible start for your lawn.

When Installing Your Turf

It is absolutely essential that you have your turf delivered on the same day as you intend on laying it from a high-quality turf supplier, and that the day you plan on doing this is not an overly hot or wet day. Once you have applied your underlay soil you will want to give it a dose of starter fertilizer to promote deep root growth and faster assimilation. Work from the outside in and if you are turfing a slope, always start from the bottom and work up.

Also, make sure that the turf is laid in a similar fashion to bricks and is staggered and tightly packed next to each other as space between the rolls will allow your turf to dry out resulting in a patchy looking lawn. Your lawn has to be watered within 24 hours of laying the turf. We hope that you found this article insightful. Please follow this link for more information on laying new turf.

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