How Lazy Are We At Work? [Infographic]

One reason I’m an entrepreneur is because if I worked for someone else, I’d probably get fired my first week. After all, I like to get on Twitter and Facebook whenever I want, and I like to take as many breaks as I want during the day. Is that lazy? I don’t know. I’d like to think it isn’t, but I’m not sure.

I haven’t worked in a traditional office for over a decade, but apparently, here in the States, corporate “laziness” is at an all time high. Whether people are surfing the web, updating their social media sites (or their resume) or socializing with friends in the office, most people spend time during their work-day doing things they aren’t supposed to be doing.

Studies show that older workers waste less time. I can’t help but wonder if that is because they are more conscientious or because they just don’t use a computer as much for personal pleasure as the rest of us do, so they don’t have that temptation. In our defense, I can understand why an employee would waste time at the office intentionally if he or she felt underpaid or unappreciated. I mean, c’mon, we aren’t drones. We spend a lot of hours at work; we deserve a little fun every now and then, right?

Are you familiar with Hlade’s Law? For those people too lazy to click on the link, it means, “If you have a difficult task, give it to a lazy person; they will find an easier way to do it.” Yeah, that one will bake your noodle if you really think about it. This infograhic paints the picture. Remember, these stats are just for here in the States.

Via: [Online MBA]