How To Make A Perfectly Cooked Smoked Burgers

If there is one pleasure in this world that deserves to be appreciated above all else, it is food. It is even more than just a delicacy or a pleasure for the senses; it is an art form in a way. When you eat the right meal that is perfectly cooked, you feel happy, and you forget all your troubles in that moment. If that is not art, then what is? One of the most delicious ways to cook food is smoking it, which adds a flavor unlike any other and can really take your meal to the next level. Burgers, especially, are quite exquisite when smoked. So, how exactly can you do that?

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Finding The Right Mix

If you really want to make the perfect smoked burger, it all starts with getting the right mix. You can’t just go get any hamburgers from the store and start smoking them. They need to be freshly ground, and, preferably, even by you.

The best percentage is around 85% beef and 15% fat, and this will get you just the delicious burgers you’re after –– if you want them to be juicier, you could go for a little more fat with your beef, but don’t go for too much so it wouldn’t get greasy when you cook it. You can mix the ground beef with Worcestershire sauce for that uniquely delicious flavor, but it’s best to avoid seasoning the beef right then because salt might absorb the moisture.

Then, start making your patties, but be very careful with how you shape them from the meat. You don’t want them to be too thick or too thin. The perfect thickness is around half an inch, and they should be just a bit bigger than the buns you will be using because they will shrink down while cooking.

Set The Smoker Up

Before setting your smoker up, you need to actually get one first if you don’t have it. Sure, you could try to smoke your burgers with the grill, but it just doesn’t work as efficiently and there is a difference in the taste.

As the reviews on mention, you can never go wrong with an electric smoker as they come with a ton of helpful options that make this entire process a lot easier. They give you that tender and juicy burgers you want, and they are also quite reasonably priced. There are a lot of different electric smokers in the market, though, so take your time to read reviews on your options until you can settle on just one.

Selecting The Wood

This is where things get a bit tricky. In case this is your first time, you need to know that different woods add different flavors to the cooked meat. Mesquite, for instance, is overwhelming and gives off a strong flavor, so it works best for smaller cuts that wouldn’t take too long to cook.

Applewood gives a sweet flavor that is quite mild yet noticeable, and it works perfectly with poultry or pork. One of the best options for smoking burgers is hickory. It adds a strong flavor that is smoky, but it’s not as overwhelming as mesquite. It works perfectly with burgers because they don’t cook for too long so they just get the right flavor.

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