How Mobile Devices Are Destroying Your Body [Infographic]

How come every time we make a leap in technology, we always seem to mess it up for ourselves? What I mean is, once we manage to solve something, something else comes along that got messed up because of it. There are so many people out there who depend on technology to get them through the day that some scientists say if something happened to our power supply, well let’s just say we would be in deep water, and we can only swim for so long. I previously wrote an article about the fact that sitting down too much is slowly killing us. There are some scientific facts suggesting various nerves and vessels get blocked when we sit down, and that could lead to an early death.

As if that wasn’t serious enough, there are now new reports that suggest that just because we keep staring at our screens for a long period of time, we could possibly go blind. Yup, that seems highly unlikely, but the data suggests that it’s where we are heading right now. It is also mentioned that our mobile devices with their small screens are so small that we keep straining our eyes, which could potentially make our vision blurry, foggy and later on lead to blindness.

There is a new infographic brought to our attention by Mezzmer that will show you exactly what could happen if you keep staring at your mobile device for an extended period of time. Well, at least these are their claims. I am not a scientist or doctor so I couldn’t tell you whether these are just plain scare tactics, or if there is actually merit to them. But, the facts certainly point in this direction, and I must agree that after staring at the screen for sometimes up to 20 hours in a row, my eyes tend to go a little… dry. So, maybe we should all take a few minutes away from our screens a few times a day to spare our eyes from the madness. Why not go out into the living room and watch some TV for a change… DOH!


Via: [Daily Infographic]