How To Prepare For A More Organized Move

Last-minute preparations are the worst thing you can do during your moving process. It can be too stressful because there is a lot to do and the time is running out too fast. That’s why we always recommend starting your packing process several days before relocation. The right prep is everything you need to make your move day a success.

Today, we’re going to cover some very important tips and tricks you should do in order to avoid misunderstanding situations on relocation day. By the way, if you haven’t still decided which mover to hire, check for the both very targeted and multi-purpose moving services in California.

So, how to be fully prepared for your move and how do you organize it all?

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About To Move – Things To Do First

What is the timeline needed to prepare your stuff for a moving without rush? Usually, one month is more than enough for a big family with a big house to pack, tape, and clean everything on time. If you live in a smaller place, like a two-bedroom apartment, you might need only 3-2 weeks before a moving a day. Everything depends. But usually, 30-20 days before relocation is approximate time. That is a good start to begin looking for a quote from the moving companies to avoid a situation when their schedule is fully booked.

Then, divide your items into prior and late packing. What exactly should be packed first? Start with the items that you don’t really need on a daily basis. For example:

  • Christmas/Birthday decorations
  • Books
  • Photo albums
  • Records
  • Seasonal clothes
  • Home decorations, etc.

The closer you’re getting to the moving day, the least amount of unnecessary items you should have around in the house. So, in a week before relocation, you should have only things used on a daily basis unpacked.

Make a spring cleaning and get rid of all the things you don’t use or don’t need anymore. Donate, sell, or just throw them away. That way you can save some money and extra time while packing and unpacking. Just keep those items, which you really love and care about, without cluttering your new place.

A couple of days before the moving, defrost your refrigerator (1-2 days before), clean it, prepare washing machine, dryer, and other smaller appliances.

Plan your actual moving day. What we mean is a real schedule. Write down what you’re going to eat, to do, when you’re going to wake up, where your pet is going to stay while you are moving the belongings, what medications you’re going to take with you, what items you’re going to pack into a suitcase for the first couple of days at a new place, etc. Prepare a suitcase with those things you want to have at hand without a need to search for them in every box. For example, toilet paper, towels, soap, shampoo, pajamas, and so on.

That’s all for your moving preparations. Use these tips to make your moving day one of the funniest periods of life.

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