How To Protect Your Jewelry From Tarnishing

The jewelry you own most probably have precious memories attached to it, which need to be preserved and cherished over time. Hence, it is of utmost importance that jewelry be maintained regularly to retain their charm and opulence over time.

No matter what type of jewelry, it is prudent to protect them from getting tarnished due to harsh environmental factors so that they retain their shine and sheen over the years. Read on to gain some insight on a few tips and tricks to protect your jewelry from tarnishing over the years so that they retain their original luster even years later.

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1. Tarnish Inhibitor Cases

The first and foremost step to prevent tarnishing of jewelry is to keep them protected from the elements. It is highly crucial that the jewelry pieces be kept segregated from one another based on the material they are crafted from. These Tarnish Inhibitor Cases serve this dual purpose really well. Ideal for protecting small items of jewelry like rings and earrings, they have adjustable dividers with a patented, anti-tarnish additive molded into them, that guarantees up to 5 years of protection against tarnishing.

Buy this indispensable item from The Container Store which comes in a price range of $9.99-$14.99 depending on whether you choose the small or large size. The Container Store offers an additional perk of Free shipping on purchases valued above $75 as well.

2. Hagerty Jewelry Polishing Cloth

Regularly polishing and buffing your jewelry removes any traces of tarnish, dust, dirt,  grime, body oils and other harmful factors leaving them gleaming. Choose the Jewelry Polishing cloth from Hagerty to gently clean your jewelry. The white inner cloth leaves a long-lasting tarnish-preventive barrier and the outer,  grey cloth can be used to gently buff your jewelry leaving it shining brilliantly.

This compact cloth can be used to clean gold, silver, and platinum jewelry and can be purchased from Amazon for a very reasonable rate of $7.42.

3. Gentle Complete Jewelry Cleaning Kit

If you own precious jewelry, it is recommended that you buy this Gentle Complete Jewelry Cleaning Kit from Simple Shine to keep your jewelry sparkling and tarnish-free. Comprising the Simple Shine cleaning solution, polishing cloth, and brush, this kit can be used to clean almost any type of jewelry ranging from gold to platinum and even precious stones.

The cleaning solution is biodegradable and ammonia-free making it safe for you and the environment. Choose to buy this ultimate cleaning kit from Simple Shine for $25.99 only with the added advantage of free shipping.

4. Simple Shine Jewelry Tarnish Prevention Bags

Proper storage of jewelry is the first step to prevent tarnishing. Opt to store your precious silver and other fine jewelry in these Anti-tarnish bags from Simple Shine and protect them against tarnish, corrosion, and oxidation to maintain their shine and luster. These bags are crafted of patented polymers that neutralize elements that cause tarnishing of metals.

Buy these Anti-tarnish bags to store your jewelry from Walmart for $18.68 for a pack of 10 bags.

5. Connoisseurs Diamond Dazzle Stik

Keep your jewelry gleaming without any fuss with the Diamond Dazzle Stik from Connoisseurs. Use this jewelry cleaning stick to easily and quickly clean platinum or gold jewelry, as well as diamonds and other precious stones. Equipped with a mascara stick-like design, this product lets you get just the right amount of cleaner to precisely apply it to your jewelry.

Additionally, this jewelry cleaner gel also helps to fill in tiny scratches in jewelry settings to leave jewelry looking its best. Head on to Target to buy this Jewelry Cleaner for $7.99 and save 5% with Target’s Red Card.

6. Takavu Horsehair Brush Set

Use this horsehair brush set from Takavu to gently clean all of your fine silver jewelry and effectively remove traces of excess oxidation. It’s flexible design helps to clean intricate jewelry effectively. The 100% horsehair bristle is soft and flexible and ideal for cleaning jewelry without leaving scratches. The polishing cloth is useful for buffing the surface and providing an anti-tarnish layer on your jewelry.

Choose to buy this useful jewelry cleaning brush set from Ebay for $16.99 only.

7. Zales Cleaning And Inspection Service

Regular at-home cleaning of jewelry, while effective in maintaining the shine at the surface level, does not reveal hidden issues with the jewelry that you may miss out. Hence, precious jewelry requires the discerning eye of a professional jewelry consultant at least once every six months in order for a deeper inspection to spot any issues and fix them.

At Zales, your jewelry will be subject to a thorough cleaning and inspection service, where the consultant will use a digital Gemscope and to identify precious stones. If any repairs are required,a repair estimate will be provided to you and the jewelry will be sent in for service. You can compare before and after photos of the jewelry to ensure that the work has been done appropriately. Zales also offers a six-month repair guarantee on all repairs and services wherein if you are not satisfied with the work done, then Zales will do it again for free.

Regular maintenance and cleaning of jewelry need not be deemed a costly affair. With the right amount of DIY care and a professional cleaning service at a reputed jeweler’s once every few months, leave your precious jewelry shining and sparkling and totally tarnish-free.

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