How To Showcase Your Religious Beliefs

There are so many beautiful religions in the world and for the people who follow them, it is so important to be able to express and celebrate their beliefs openly. These days, it can sometimes feel that religious people are judged by non-believers for publicly demonstrating their faith but this should never be a deterrent to showing the world that you are proud of your religion.

Letting the world know that you are a believer and representing your religion to society every day is a great way to show people the virtues of your faith which may increase their understanding, correct their misconceptions, and may even pique their curiosity.

No matter which faith you follow, showcasing your religious beliefs is a beautiful thing and so here is our guide to help.

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1. Display Religious Artwork In Your Home

Our homes and our faith are both paramount to our lives and so bringing the two together is the perfect way to showcase your religious beliefs. The experts of Christian Walls say that religious artwork is some of the most beautiful art ever created and displaying your favorite pieces in your home is a great way to feel more connected to your faith and to show visitors what your religion means to you.

There are so many different kinds of religious art you can display. Paintings of the prophets, your favorite scenes from your religion’s teachings, and artistic religious quotes or passages are all wonderful additions to any home.

2. Wear Jewelry Which Showcases Your Religion

There are many religions in which followers choose to wear special jewelry to showcase their religion and there are so many beautiful pieces that you can wear, no matter which religion you follow. Many Christians choose to wear a Crucifix depicting Jesus Christ on the cross whilst others wear a St Cristopher necklace for protection. Many Christians also wear rosaries which are special beads to guide them through a series of prayers.

The star of David is the most important symbol in Judaism and many Jews wear one around their neck as a sign of their faith. Other Jews wear the Chai symbol which represents life. Many Buddhists wear a depiction of the Buddha around their necks whilst others wear special prayers beads as necklaces or bracelets.

Hindus often wear lots of jewelry which the general rule in Hindu culture being that gold jewelry is for above the waist and silver jewelry is for below the waist. Sikhs will often wear a Kara, which is a simple iron bracelet or bangle which shows that the person is part of the Khalsa, a word which means both Sikhism and the people who follow it. Kara is a symbol of an eternal commitment to God. Many Native Americans and other First Peoples wear jewelry as symbols of their gods and spiritual beliefs that have been passed down for thousands of years.

3. Car Bumper Stickers

This is a really fun way to showcase your religion and also to spread a little joy in somebody’s life. Many religious people put a sticker on their back bumper with a religious message or a funny religious joke, to express their faith to the people behind them and often to make them laugh or feel good. There are so many great religious bumper stickers available from simple universal messages like “God Is Good!”, to short meaningful quotes from the holy books or prophets, or simply a bumper sticker showing a religious symbol.

4. Spread The Message

The final and perhaps most beautiful way to showcase your religion is to “Shout it from the Rooftops!” Too often we worry about bothering people by talking about our religion or even that people will react badly to the message, but you will be surprised by how many people are actually interested to hear views that are different to their own.

How you spread the message and discuss your beliefs with people is the most important thing to take into account because nobody likes to feel pressurized or under attack when somebody is talking to them about religion. Always approach others in understanding and acceptance and explain what your faith means to you and how it may benefit others.

Every religion is beautiful and there should be no feeling but pride in expressing your faith for the whole world to see. There are so many great ways to showcase your religion which can help you feel closer to God and your religious community and can also reach out to other people with different views and religious beliefs.

However you choose to express your faith, do it with love and joy, and go in peace.

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