How To Ace A Job Interview [Infographic]

With today’s economic instability, people are fired left and right since companies can’t afford to keep them employed. As if that wasn’t enough, finding a new job is as hard as knowing if you’ll be at your current position in a year from now. Many people are struggling, and that’s when creativity is necessary in order to stand out in a crowd. Not only must your resume be up to par, it also has to make an impression in order to get into that infamous second stage that we all know as the job interview. When you get that call and you schedule the interview, it’s all fine and dandy, right? It’s after you hang up the phone that the thoughts start to stream through your insecurity. What now?

Well, you need to score at the interview and make a good impression in order to be the last one standing, which of course means that you are the one to get the job. In order to help you master and ace the interview, I thought I would try to find a few pointers that might just land you your desired position. It comes in the form of an infographic (once again), and it’s put together by Highest Paying Careers. It’s called Anatomy Of A Job Interview.

It presents a series of pointers, dos and don’ts, and will inject a whole lot of confidence into your attempt at getting the job. Hopefully it will anyway. The one most important thing to remember when applying for a job is to be humbly confident that you absolutely know what you are getting yourself into. Knowing what the job entails and what is expected of you is how you can score the highest impression when talking to the employer. They usually want someone who is self motivated, educated in the area they are hiring, and above all, someone who is driven to succeed. If you can showcase all of these characteristics during your interview (as well as on your application and resume), you will have little to worry about.

Many times it comes down to that little thing we all call chemistry. You can achieve a perfect score on all of these key areas, but if you do not align yourself with their personalities, there is little that you could do in order to sway their decision. As a good measure, just being positive, confident and knowledgeable usually does the job just right. So have a look at this infographic, make sure you check off each and every area, and fill yourself with confidence. After that, it’s just to rock it! You got this!

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Via: [Daily Infographic]