How To Decide Who Gets The Last Slice Of Pizza [Flowchart]

So there you are, you and a bunch of your friends decided to get a pizza. Or rather, you ordered a pizza, and now you are all at home stuffing your faces full of it. You are probably all chatting away, and the slices start disappearing fast. Before you know it, there is only one slice left, and everyone is staring at everyone. Who is entitled to the last one? How do you know how to decide that? Yeah, I mean, that is a huge decision, right? The next ten years depend on it. You keep wondering, “Should I show my awesome generosity, or should I stuff that sucker down fast and relentlessly prevent anyone from snatching it before me?” It’s not exactly an easy decision to make, is it? So how do you decide what to do?

Well, you don’t have to feel bad about it. If you are hungry, I’m sure you would easily go for the second option on that pretty short list. But really, what is the best approach? I have the perfect solution for you. It’s a decision flowchart delivered to us by Pizza Hut. It will totally put an end to your agony of not knowing what to do. All you have to do is quickly pull up this page, check this flowchart and make a fast decision.

It’s widely known that making decisions when you are hungry is never a good thing though, especially when you are shopping for groceries or just passing through a candy store. It’s somewhat agonizing not being able to pull a fast one and stuff your face with goodies. Next time you don’t know how to decide who gets the last slice of pizza, just consult this flowchart and you will know exactly how to decide what to do. Heck, you could even print it out and take it with you wherever you go. I’m telling you, it could be the next best thing to a survival kit.

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