How To Eat Your Favorite Foods [Guide]

I am sitting here, and I am getting more hungry by the minute. Browsing the web isn’t exactly easy when you stumble over delicious looking food on basically every single website that you’re trying to soak in the daily news from. Well, the trick is not to let it get to you (yeah, right!). It’s easy to fall victim to temptations, and since we are all human, we tend to go the sinful way instead of the healthy way for some reason. But when we stuff ourselves with it, we should at least know how to consume the deliciousness the correct way, right?

In order to do that, we of course first need to know what the correct way is. And for someone who isn’t a huge fast food or junk food fanatic, that is anything but easy.

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Don’t worry, of course Bit Rebels is here to save you from perfect disaster. Let me present a rather useful, and at the same time funny, guide to how you should eat your favorite sinful food items. Remember, sometimes the easiest approach is the most effective, and if you completely stuff yourself with the ultimately unhealthy food of doom, then you should pretty much just go for it. This guide delivers tips and approaches to everything from pizza to yogurt, so the chance that your favorite food is represented in this tutorial is quite high.

This guide is created by the wonderfully creative people over at Pleated Jeans, and it could possibly serve as a great little poster for your office kitchen. There is nothing like a little geek awesomeness when you are taking a break from that pile of documents you are constantly sifting through. Some people have said that food tastes better if it looks pretty. Well, I am of the opinion that food tastes better when it is delicious, so this guide is a perfect match when it comes to that. I mean, a pizza can have an aesthetic appeal as well, right?


Via: [Awesome Galore]