How To: Get Noticed By Pretty Girls!

Some dudes may have the natural gift of attracting pretty ladies, for others it is a challenge.  You may ask yourself, “I am good looking, charming, and sweet so how come I can’t seem to attract their attention?” Well, fret not, there are mobile applications that have been created to allow guys the opportunity to get noticed by the apple of their eye.

Now all you need is a mobile phone with a camera and the guts to go up to the girl of your dreams and ask her to take either your picture or a quiz.  First up is Say Cheese – It’s a funny mobile app that when a girl takes your picture, a different image of you will be generated.  Watch their reaction!  If you think that it isn’t the right one for you, you can always download and try The PERFECT MAN – This mobile app allows the pretty girl to answer a multiple choice quiz to help her see who the perfect man is for her.  She takes the quiz and guess what, when the app generates the answer, the image of the perfect man will show her YOUR IMAGE.

There are other mobile tools at The Lynx Effect. Check them out and good luck with the ladies!

Say Cheese

Perfect Man Revealed