How To: Go on A Date with a Very Small Budget

Dating is a great way to know someone you like on a more personal level. I think this is the most fun part in the beginning of a relationship.  Dating is also not restricted to new friends but also a way for couples that are in a relationship or married to reconnect.  Helps rekindle the fire of love.

But what if you really don’t have that much money to splurge on a date? Will not having sufficient funds stop you from going out and having a great time?  Having less money, I believe, should not deter anyone from being able to spend a wonderful time together.  There are a lot of inexpensive activities that a couple can do and places that a couple can go, but this requires a bit of creativity and ingenuity.

I found a funny video, but to be honest, I think the message and the tips were quite helpful. Here is a rundown of how one can survive a date, enjoy it and spend as little cash as possible.

Step 1 : Use nature

It doesn’t cost anything to go to a park, forest, or beach. The beauty of nature creates a romantic setting, even if you aren’t feeling romantic. Take a picnic and make it look more expensive by using your best crockery and glasses. If you want to get your date in the mood, there are cheaper aphrodisiacs than oysters. Try avocado, ginger and chocolate.

Step 2: Communicate

Good communication is the most important part of the dating process because new couples need to find out each others values and interests. Choose activities which will give you plenty of opportunities to communicate. Free museums and art galleries are easy to find in any city. Try a new sport or visit a place you’ve never been to before to get you both excited and arouse more than your date’s interests.

Step 3: Cook

Impress your date by cooking a meal. To cut down on the cost, buy fresh ingredients from your local market and even borrow cookery books from your local library. Get the adrenalin flowing after the meal by suggesting a competitive game of scrabble. If you decide to go out, take advantage of happy hour. Many pubs, restaurants and cinemas have discounts for less popular times of the day. Taking advantage of this can save you up to 50 percent of the cost.

Step 4: Pay

If you want to guarantee a second date, you should at least offer to pay for a meal or an evening out. Working out exactly how much your own food and drinks cost and only paying for that is the best way to really put your date off.

Step 5: Cheap tickets

If you want to go to a concert or sports event, you don’t need to pay the full price. Tickets are often sold at a cheaper price when they first go on sale. Sign up for free ticket alerts from agents such as ticket master so you know when to buy. ABC Tickets is another good alternative with a wide variety. You could also visit for cheap deals on restaurants, theaters and even theme parks.

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