How To Set Up Your Very Own Hydroponic System

Do you want to start your own indoor farm? Why don’t you try hydroponics? It’s a viable solution. The following will show you how to assemble a system on your own.

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The Location

Get an enclosed structure; it could be a greenhouse or basement. Level the floor to make sure water and nutrients have an even coverage. If you are placing it outside, then you will need to protect it from wind, sun, and rain. The elements can ruin your structure. These systems don’t work outside though—at least not in cold weather; you will need to bring them inside. So then, you will need to manage the structure with nutrients and growth lights.

Put It Together

A generic system features growing tubes made from 6” PVC pipes, stands, and trellis (also made out of PVC). It also consists of a 50-gallon nutrient tank, manifold, and pump. Put the tank under a table where you installed the growing tubes, the tubes should be 6-inch PVC. Put the pump inside the tank to push nutrients into growing tubes. Remember, these tubes will only get smaller.

Growing Tubes have a drainpipe. This drainpipe leads to a tank that sends pressurized water into the tube. To get the nutrients, the water is pushed through PVC and manifolds before it gets to  the growing tubes.

The nutrient tubes feature small holes: one hole between every plant. The nutrients shoot out of these holes onto plant roots. At the same time, a jet of water makes air bubbles to provide oxygen to plants.  If you are interested in a system, you can get it online. Fill the details form Agron to get started.

Mix Nutrients

Fill the tank with water and add two cups of nutrient solution. Power up the pump and leave it for 30 minutes. This will mix the nutrients and water.

Add Plants

Use purchased seedlings, choose the healthiest plants and clean their roots. Make sure you wash the dirt completely off of them, and submerge them in a bucket of lukewarm water. Don’t shock the plant with water that is too cold or too warm. Carefully separate the roots to clean out the soil completely. Soil will clog growing tubes in future.

Once everything is spotless, try to pull as many roots as possible through the plant cup and add expanded clay pebbles that will hold the plant in place. These pebbles are hard, but they won’t harm the plant.

Tie The Plants

Use plant clips and strings to the tie to plant the trellis. This string will support their climbing. This lets you use your space efficiently. Tie the string loosely on top of tresses and attach clips and strings to the base of every plant. Now wind the tips of plants around the string.

Turn Off The Pump And Monitor System Daily

You have to check the water levels every day. If the weather is hot, check the tubes twice. Check signs of excessive heat or evaporation. It will keep the plant from drying out. Check PH levels and nutrient levels. If the pump runs full time, then you don’t need a timer. Just make sure the tank doesn’t dry up.

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