How To Do Your Job When Depression Affects Your Functioning

Depression is real and it is affecting more people than the statistics can ever capture. Whether in the workplace or away, when depression sets in, it affects your functionality. Even before you get an ultimate Cure for PTSD, you will need to manage your situation at work. This will help you to function in a more stable manner that does not take your career down the drain. While there are no quick fixes to depression, there are effective ways of remaining in control of your situation.

The job environment can be overwhelming especially if there is no strong emotional support system. However, if you are struggling with depression, most of the times what affects you is within as opposed to without. Even so, there is a way you can maintain a firm grip even in the midst of all this. Below are tips on how to do your job when depression affects your functioning.

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Keep Your Priorities Right

Sometimes when you have too much on your plate, it becomes overwhelming even to schedule the simplest of tasks. It might even be worse if you are dealing with depression since you will experience several downtimes. However, it is possible to find your way around such a situation if only you do your planning well. Take time to list all your tasks for each day and arrange them in order of priority. Instead of planning for a long period, take each day as it comes. This will lower your anxiety levels and keep you energized.

Every single job can be sub-divided into simpler tasks that take a shorter time and less energy to accomplish. You will also realize that tasks vary in urgency and intensity. Once you order the tasks accordingly, you will be able to do what you need to do at a particular time. Also, make sure you utilize your high moments before you hit a downtime when you can relax a bit.

Do What You Can

The depression period does not last forever. With proper care and strong will, it is possible to get rid of depression symptoms and live a pretty normal life. This means that even at your workplace, you do not have to kill yourself with responsibilities. Try as much as possible to bite what you can chew and pass whatever seems to increase your stress levels. If you have an understanding leader, you can ask them to allocate you lighter duties as you recover. This will help you to remain afloat even as you work towards bouncing back.

Acknowledge The Impacts Of Depression On Your Job

It is possible to live in denial when you actually know that there are depressive episodes that are negatively affecting your job. This in itself is disastrous since you can only deal with what you accept. This, therefore, requires you to keep track of all the distractive episodes that you experience and also evaluate the damage caused. Once you get familiar with the episodes, you are able to tell when an attack is about to happen. This will help you to develop a defense mechanism to prevent the same from majorly impacting on your performance.

Depressive attacks are not always predictable. However, it is possible to monitor a certain trend in your emotions and also recognize some of the triggers. This empowers to take control of your situation by a big percentage. You do not always have to fall into fits of rage and destruction behaviors whenever you are down. You can even ask a colleague to help you remain in check of our behavior.

Actively Seek Support

Getting out of depression will require you to actively seek support from every possible source. As far as your job is concerned, you may need to inform your seniors and colleagues that you are unwell. This is so that they can offer any necessary support and also avoid going too hard on you. Remember that you will need flexible schedules that do not add stress to your already depressed situation.

It is possible to assume that people know what you are going through especially if they are aware of your prior experiences. However, speaking out for yourself paints a clear picture of what the situation looks like and what kind of help you need.

Some of the effects of depression in the workplace might be concealed but in the long run, the damage shows. To avoid such outcomes, you can refer to the tips discussed here and keep your head high through the recovery process.

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