How To: Make An Omelet Inside The Eggshell

What exactly is an omelet inside of an eggshell? As they describe on Evil Mad Scientist, “it’s the culinary equivalent of a ship in a bottle.” If you are reading this article thinking you might want to make this, beware, it’s complicated and requires a ton of time and special tools. I could even see the argument that it looks like nothing more than a fancy hard-boiled egg or an eggshell with scrambled eggs inside. However, since I really enjoy cooking, I find this the whole concept absolutely fascinating.

I know that some people may look at this and say it isn’t an omelet since it isn’t cooked in a pan; however, the end result of this is basically a hard boiled egg that when opened, contains the contents of an omelet. So, the trick here is to get those contents into the egg without cracking the shell. There will be a small puncture wound in the top of the eggshell where you’ve injected it with a syringe of yumminess.

The people over at Evil Mad Scientist have done an insanely detailed tutorial for how to do this, along with pictures, links, tips and all kinds of helpful goodies. Some of the fillings they suggest include cream cheese, avocado, spinach, tomato, beef, bacon, sausage or any fondue mixture. All of this can go into the egg without breaking the shell. Yeah, I know, this is nuts, isn’t it? They even go so far as to suggest variations like an inverse quiche and abstract geometric eggs. I am very experienced in the kitchen, and it’s not often that I see a recipe that impresses me, but this one definitely does. There is a whole geeky mathematical aspect to this that I just love. It really is more like a science project than a recipe. You can go here to check it all out for yourself.  Props!