How To: Make Astronaut Ice Cream

So how many of you have actually been in space? Anyone? Well, if one of you has been in that final frontier, you know that the food isn’t exactly the same as down here on earth. Even if you haven’t been there, I am sure you have heard of the legendary space food and how completely insignificant the water is in it. I can imagine that any astronaut who has been in space for a long period of time is really looking forward to eating some nice earth food once he puts his feet back on earth. For those of us who have never experienced the weightlessness of space or the food up there either, we can only imagine what it would taste like.

Look no further, you can find out by following this 10 minute video tutorial for how to make your very own Astronaut Ice Cream. Basically, it is ice cream that has been desaturated of all its water in a turbo charged vaporizer, or something like that. The water is put under extreme pressure which immediately vaporizes it, leaving a dry and somewhat chunky ice cream behind. The taste is all the same they say, but if you expect it to be all creamy and cold, I guess you should keep your feet firmly planted on the ground for a couple more decades.

This video tutorial uploaded to YouTube by Chris Gammell will take you through the process of making your very own astronaut ice cream. He will also explain the process of it a little better than my humble attempt. So next time your friends come over or you decide to host a party at your house, by all means, why not serve them some astronaut ice cream? I am sure the memory will be a lasting one, and they will have some amazing things to say about it to their friends. Whether or not they will like it is a whole other question. But at least they will have come one step closer to stepping out into space. As a last note, astronauts don’t really get this kind of ice cream anymore for some reason. Bummer, it looks quite… intriguing.


Via: [Neatorama]