How To Make Your Own Delicious Twinkies [Video]

There is an everlasting sadness in the world today since a couple of days ago Hostess Brand Inc. announced that they are going to close down after the Bakers Union strike crippled operations. What does this mean? It means there will be no more Twinkies in our stores. The horror, I know! It’s one of the most celebrated snacks on the planet. Unfortunately, there will be no more of these delicious creations served after their stock has been completely depleted. It’s news that will make even people who don’t like Twinkies cry. So what now? Are we doomed for an everlasting life without these goodies, or are there alternatives or solutions that could salvage our Twinkie happiness? There certainly are!

After a little bit of poking around, I managed to find a video from back in 2008 (that seemingly no one had picked up just yet) which will tell you exactly how to make your very own Twinkies. Yes, dry up those tears and let that smile spread across your face once more. It’s actually super easy as well. All you need is pretty much your usual stuff when baking a cake and filling it with yummy goo.

It’s a video from Todd Wilbur‘s show Clone It that will not only tell you how to make your very own Twinkies, but it will also show you exactly what a Twinkie looks like after over 10 years in storage. Just watch the video and you’ll be amazed by the “durability” of these yumsters. Now get cooking! Let there be Twinkie light in your day again, and don’t forget to invite all your friends. Sure, the real Twinkies are now gone forever. However, the light of day isn’t going goodnight just yet since you now have an alternative to these magical delicacies. There are a lot of people who say cloning is a bad thing, but you have to admit that in this particular case, it’s nothing but a good thing. Very good!

Todd Wilbur’s Own Twinkies Recipe Solution