How To Make Your Mattress Serve Longer

Though the average lifespan of a mattress can differ from household to household, it is said that most people will look at changing their mattresses every six years on average. However, six years is still a long time in the natural life of a mattress, and if you want to ensure it remains in good shape for this length of time, you may want to think about ways to ensure yours serves you well during this time.

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Keep Your Mattress Supported As Best As You Can

There’s no doubt that the right kind of support can make all the difference when it comes to maintaining your mattress for longer. This is especially an important aspect if you haven’t purchased both the mattress and supporting foundations together.

Ensure that your mattress type works with the support you are currently using. Such support will need to consider possible aspects such as a mattress for heavy people, or certain mattress types which require extra support bars in specific areas.

Keep a regular check on how your bed’s foundations are faring, working on any visible problems, such as broken slats or springs as soon as you spot them.

Consider Using A Mattress Protector As Soon As You Buy Your Mattress

A protector is the last defense and barrier for your mattress, protecting it from any spillages, debris, dust mites, and general dirt. These are super-efficient at keeping your mattress feeling like new and therefore prolonging its life. They are also great for catching any accidents should they occur and make cleaning up much more manageable.

Perhaps one of the best ways to make your mattress serve you longer, mattress protectors are also one of the simplest and possibly cheapest of options to increase its lifespan.

Consider Using The Best Fitted Sheets You Can On Your Mattress

As well as a mattress protector, the types of sheets you choose to place over your mattress can also play a part in encouraging a lengthier mattress life. Fitted sheets are perfect here as they are less likely to move away from the bed as you sleep, therefore more likely to protect the mattress each time you lie upon it.

Consider spending that little bit more for some extra durable fitted sheets which work hard to absorb the sweat, oil, skin cells and hair that the average person will lose during their sleep time.

Wash All Of Your Bed Linen An A Regular Basis

As well as searching for the best types of fitted sheets, it is also essential to keep such sheets regularly washed and laundered. You may have some more robust fitted sheets covering your mattress, but if you don’t wash them regularly, they will begin to allow the particles which you’re trying to keep off the bed through into the mattresses layers.

Aim to clean your bedding at least once a week as a minimum.

Make It A Habit To Rotate And Turn Your Mattress Over Regularly

A great way of preserving your mattress for longer is to rotate it or, if possible, turn it over every couple of months. Nearly all mattresses can benefit from being rotated, say by 180 degrees from head to foot, as it ensures an even spread of body weight and less likelihood of any impressions being made or softening in specific areas.

Try To Keep All Pets Off The Bed As Much As Possible

Perhaps easier said than done for some households, but when you allow pets to sleep on your mattress, you also invite the possibility of their little friends such as tics and fleas, joining you!

Added to this, pets, no matter how well-groomed, will shed fur and cells just like people do. They also tend to drool, as well as have the occasional accident on the bed should they not be able to make it quickly outside!

This can swiftly result in a spoilt mattress and a slightly smelly one. Therefore, offer your pets their own bed or area and make it just as appealing to them as your mattress seems!

Don’t Allow The Kids To Jump On Your Mattress

There’s a reason why we were always told as youngsters not to jump on the bed! If you have children that like to use your mattress as a trampoline on regular occasions, stop them right now if you want to make your mattress last longer!

Excessive jumping on a mattress can lead to irreplaceable damage. This also extends to the foundations which your mattress is supported by. Spring mattresses are especially susceptible to rough wear. Similarly try not to stand up on the mattress or walk across it regularly, unless you really have to.

Spring Clean Your Mattress Every Month

Finally, we often spend time cleaning the house and airing the rooms but don’t usually tend to do the same with our mattresses. However, whenever you can take advantage of any sunshine, allow your bed to air in the sun for a couple of hours.

Get into the habit of doing this every month, and it makes for a healthier mattress – keeping it dry and dust free as much as possible.

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