How To: Play Hooky From Work Without Getting Caught

Have you ever called into work and said you were sick when you really weren’t just so you could take the day off? C’mon, it’s okay, you can admit it, you’re among friends here. Everyone has done it, right? Well, actually only about 30% of Americans have. That’s interesting because almost everyone I know has done that at least once, so maybe I just hang with the daring people.

Since I work for myself now, playing hooky from work only means a hellacious day of catch-up the following day. It’s much better to just push through whatever I’m dealing with and get my work done. However, back in the day… I did my share of calling in sick when I really just wanted to do something else. #dontjudgeme

So, take it from me, a person with experience, it’s definitely an art form. Yumi, from WonderHowTo, created this handy little chart that will teach you how to do it right, and I have to give her props because she included all the important things on here. For example, if you don’t want to raise suspicion, it’s important not to do it on a Monday or Friday. Also, as with telling any lie, it’s important not to embellish too much or you might trip yourself up. And most importantly, don’t go posting pictures of your day at the beach on Facebook. Duh!

I know kids, I’m teaching you a really bad thing here. With this knowledge comes great responsibility. Use it wisely.

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Via: [WonderHowTo]