How To: Run An Eco-Friendly Home [Chart]

By now we all know how important it is for our precious planet that we recycle and choose the materials we use in our daily lives wisely. Reusing things that we might have previously considered trash is also a great way to give a new life and purpose to materials that might otherwise end up in a landfill somewhere. We see artists use trash to create beautiful artwork all the time.

However, what about running our homes? Do you know how to run an eco-friendly home? I thought I knew, until I read this chart by Wickes. For example, I had no idea that not leaving my phone on the charger all night long would make a difference.

Also, if everyone opted into paperless (electronic) statements for their household bills, we could save millions of trees. I do leave the lights off in my house as much as possible, so I have that one covered. I prefer to work with only the sunlight coming through the windows anyway, so that’s an easy one for me to do. I don’t know many people who still use radiators to heat their homes, but if you do, did you know that half the heat escapes out the back and is wasted? These tips are not only eco-friendly, they can save us some dough too! I like that.

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How To Save Energy Chart

Via: [Infographics Showcase]