How To: Tell Your Boyfriend/Husband That He’s A Bad Kisser

A few months ago, Richard wrote an article called How To Deliver The Perfect Goodnight Kiss. I got a good laugh out of that article, but it left me with one question: What if you already have a boyfriend or a husband that kisses really badly? What should you do about that situation?

Not that I’ve kissed a lot of people in my lifetime, but I think most of the time when a man is a bad kisser, it is usually because he is slobbery and it feels similar to being licked on the face by my 60 pound mutt. Like most women, I really enjoy kissing, and I don’t think because it is a sensitive subject we should just ignore it if our man is a bad kisser.

As this video shows, there is a very nice way to tell him. I laughed when I saw that option number one is to dump him because I have friends that won’t date a guy if he kisses badly. But in all seriousness, I think this will be very helpful if you need some advice on how to coach your man into being a better kisser.

According to this very sexy article on, “A woman will always remember the best kisses of her life, and if you’re one of the men who gave her that gift, you understand the power of this intimate form of caring and love.” Ladies, this article also says that we burn 26 calories per kiss, sweet!

Good luck and happy kissing!

Thank you to for the great kiss photo above!