How To: Tie Your Shoes Really Fast

It’s true that our world is getting busier and busier each day. We want everything to be fast. We have fast computers, we eat fast food, we drive fast cars and we even communicate with our friends in the fastest ways possible.

So, why do we buy shoes with laces that take so long to tie? I’m not surprised that the ugliest shoes I’ve ever seen, otherwise known as Crocs, became so popular for a while. After all, you can slip them on in less than one second (ok, I admit it, I own a few pairs of Crocs). Even my own son, who is ten years old, doesn’t like wearing his Converse sneakers because they take him three or four minutes to tie, and who has that kind of time these days?

I found this really old, really cheesy and really low quality video to share with you from 2006. The method this guy shares for tying shoes is brilliant. Too bad he couldn’t put a patent on this badboy, he’d be a gazillionaire. Apparently he learned this method when he was visiting China. Guys, if you can learn how to do this, you’ll definitely get in good with the ladies. There are no more excuses for being late since now we can learn how to tie our shoes really, really fast.

Image Credit: [Penny Hillcrest / Shutterstock]