How To Write A History Essay To Get An A Grade?

Writing an essay is one of the forms of individual assignments that students and schoolchildren have to cope with all the time. And everyone who encounters such a task for the first time has a legitimate question: how to write a history essay? Below we will give some important rules and practical recommendations that will help speed up the process of working on the assignment, perform it correctly and avoid mistakes.

To write a good history essay, you need to prepare very well. It’s not an essay about the weather or how I spent my summer. You need to describe specific historical events and give actual dates. Not everyone can do that easily. So it’s not surprising that every other student thinks about whether it’s possible to pay someone to write my paper and don’t have to spend a lot of time with one assignment.

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How To Choose Reliable Sources?

Work on the history essay begins with the selection of materials. Of course, the easiest way is to enter the relevant queries into a search engine and rely on the information from the first website you come across. But in this case, you can not be sure that the information you use is reliable, not twisted (any date can have an elementary typo), and also relevant if it is about recent history and recent events.

In addition, often on the pages of sites is published a brief version of the statement of this or that topic, and the information is superficial. The only exceptions are those portals that publish online versions of printed publications.

Among The Sources Used For The Essay Should Be The Following

  • When choosing textbooks, pay attention to the year of their publication. Often teachers require that the literature used should be fresh, and published within the last few years. It is very good when a student uses not only textbooks by domestic authors but also picks up foreign translated books.
  • Publications in scholarly journals and collections of scholarly articles. As a rule, such works due to their small volume (3-5, rarely up to 10 pages) are devoted to a narrow topic. In theses and scientific articles researchers, who can be candidates and doctors of sciences, graduate students, or even other students, try to highlight the problematic issues of the disclosed topic, to eliminate inaccuracies and gaps in its vision.
  • Reviews of dissertations, monographs, and other serious scholarly works. You will need these sources if your topic is not adequately covered in ordinary textbooks. Also, reviews of scholarly articles can help you form your own opinions on controversial issues, of which there are many in history.

What Should Be The Content Of An Essay?

The history essay, like any other work of this kind, has its structure:

  • Introduction
  • The main part of the work
  • Conclusion

The main difficulties for students and schoolchildren arise with the introduction. What to write in this part of the essay? Everything is simple, and the introduction also has its structure. Here you should specify:

  • The object of the research. The object is your topic, what you are writing about. You should not mention the object in one sentence, be specific for at least a few lines.
  • Relevance of the paper. Why you are writing your essay, and how your research can be used for further work (for example, for writing a term paper or thesis).
  • The goals and objectives of the research. What issues do you want to consider, what to analyze, and so on?
  • Theoretical aspects of the study. This refers to the works of historical scholars that you refer to and use. It’s very simple here, mention a few authors from your reference list.

The main part is the very essence of the assignment. Describe in detail the facts and basic information about the topic. It is important to argue all your thoughts. Try to spell out your thoughts in your essay. The essence of the essay is not just to rewrite other authors, but to tell what you think about the issue. If you find new facts, your written work will be the best among others. If you need perfect essay or editing help, you can turn to the best essay writing service where experienced professionals provide their assistance.

The meaningful content of the main part of the essay can consist of your reflections on the topic, based on the sources with the addition of the latter. A less in-depth approach is also acceptable in an essay, where the student simply summarizes the information he or she has gleaned from textbooks and scholarly writings.

Finally, in the conclusion, you need to summarize everything you came to in the main part of the essay and summarize your work. But if you don’t have time or desire to write an essay, you can order it from one of the best writing services to get an A grade.

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