Improve The Relationship Between You & Your Plants

Does music help your plants grow faster? It’s the age-old question. Many farmers claim that music does have an effect on the growth of their plants. Other people think it’s a ridiculous idea to think that music has any effect on plants.

After trying to find a definitive answer about this online, I came across some very interesting material. First of all, this study from 2007 claims to prove that music does help plants grow. Believe it or not, it’s a pretty good read.

Then I found this study conducted by some grade school students. They determined that not only does music have an effect on plant growth, but also that classical music helps them grow the fastest. What kind of music makes them grow the slowest? You guessed it, rock ‘n roll.

Lie Zhong-Fa, Koo Yoori and Jeon Se-Yong, the creators of this musical vase, obviously agree with this theory. It’s a vase that sings to your plants (and you). To make it work, simply wind it up, like a wind up toy, and enjoy the music until it runs out. Then wind it up again. Each colored vase plays a different song. As you see in the picture below, Muse helps you to “enhance the relationship between you and your plants with its music, movement and enjoyment developing a sense of love.

I don’t know if this really works, but I feel all warm and fuzzy inside just from writing about it. I don’t have many plants, since I usually kill them, but these vases make me want to buy some and try again.

[via Beautiful Life]