Insect Sushi: Sushi Suddenly Lost Its Mojo!

I must say that I enjoy eating Sushi quite a lot. For lunch, it’s one of the most refreshing foods I can think of. It brings my brain back into the shape needed to battle those custom designs and all the work that goes in bringing new awesomeness to Bit Rebels. However, I am one of those that gets a little bit picky when choosing the rolls I want on the plate before I sit down to enjoy the goodness.

That was until I found a new breed of Sushi that just pushed me over the edge of what I thought about Sushi. Combining insects with Sushi isn’t exactly what I think is the ultimate gourmet plate. I even have trouble ordering Sushi if the salmon that goes on it is alive in a tank awaiting its doom because I have gotten the munches for Sushi.

However, there is obviously a market for insect Sushi, and as I look at these pictures, I can’t imagine myself ever ordering any of these plates. I have heard and read that they taste like nuts, but I am not going to try it in this lifetime, at least as I see it now. So in advance, if you, my friends, ask me out to go for a Sushi lunch, just remember that I may say no. It might be a while before I enter the halls of Sushi again. However, be patient, with the right company, maybe it is possible to have a salmon roll at least.