Inspiring Classrooms Creativity By Teachers – What Tech Tools They Can Use For It?

With the growth rate of technology and its features in the 21st century, there is only a matter of time when it will completely take over our educational institutions. That’s a sign for students to smile as it will drastically increase their efficiency and make their learning easier. Computer programmers and scientists are tirelessly working on the full implementation of technological devices into as many schools and colleges as possible.

And they have already made some great results. A lot of schools have the possibility to use AI intelligence or high-tech gadgets. But that is just the beginning. There is more to come. And that’s the reason why teachers are eager to find a way to inspire classrooms and make them more creative. Many of them are aware that the best way they can do it is by using technology. So, let’s have a look at what technological tools they can bring into classrooms and inspire students to continue with learning.

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One of the first things you would probably think about after mentioning school is grades, right? We all know that they represent an inevitable part of education. Through grading students, teachers are getting insight on their progress and can realize whether they need improvement or what areas they may need help. A typical way for that is giving students tests and inspecting the results. Students get them within a week.

It is fair to say that the ones who know they have done great are impatient for teachers to bring results back. It is a normal thing as they are simply aware that they will get the highest grade. What if we tell you that you can forget about waiting and see immediate results? Well, that’s what Bakpax will do for you.

It is an AI-based tool that is programmed to grade students instantly. But how? It is well-known how hand grading can last too long and the teacher may lose focus. It can eventually result in a false evaluation of students’ answers. To prevent that, Bakpax will automatically read the whole test and decide its correctness. All the teacher should do is add tests into Bakpax and wait for the results.


The most common approach of students’ demonstration of their knowledge is using a single method. SeeSaw is a technology tool that will help you to change that. Do you wonder how? Well, it is designed to help students demonstrate what they have learned through many different methods. They can use videos or even combine drawing and recording. To put it simply, students have an opportunity to utilize tools for capturing material they learned in a digital portfolio of SeeSaw.

That way, they will allow professors to see at what stage they are in every moment. Furthermore, it can help students themselves to realize what they should focus on too. Isn’t the classroom creative enough already?


Have you heard of It is a website that will help you to find essays and essay services on every topic that might be interesting for you. Some themes about virtual reality can also be found there. So, feel free to check it out. Speaking of virtual reality, a tool that can be significant for classrooms’ creativity is NearPod. Its primary purpose is to make conversations in the classroom more engaging through multimedia displays.

But what should make teachers happy is a NearPod VR. It is a tool that allows them to present virtual reality headsets to the students. It is constructed with over 450 tutorials attached that are separated by levels. Just imagine that you can show the class what the most mysterious places in the world look like just via this headset. You can explore the depths of the ocean and see some species that can’t be seen with a bare eye. Cool, isn’t it?


It is not a big secret that storytelling represents one of the most exciting and interesting things for children. They exist to inspire them and dream about unimaginable subjects and objects. But what if we tell you that something like this can be implemented in the classroom? Yes, you heard it right. Storybird is a tool that will increase creativity in the classroom. This tool can allow students to choose some of the artworks from professional writers and make their own books.

After they are done, they can get feedback from professors or professional artists. Additionally, to have more fun, there are over 700 challenges imagined in a creative way where dozens of students participate. The fact that over 9 million writers use this tool is enough to convince you of its credibility and value, isn’t it?


Yes, you are completely right. Technology makes classrooms far better places than students imagine them to be. Creativity is something that is desired and appreciated in every aspect of our lives. Allowing students to learn and use tech tools like this will expand their knowledge and increase their efficiency during classes. We couldn’t ask for more.

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