A Few Instances When Higher Quality Pays

It rings true for just about every consumer good you purchase: better quality products cost more but will last longer. Think about a pair of shoes. Shoes are necessary, and quality shoes are important for your foot health, joint health, and even your posture. Buying quality shoes are oftentimes upwards of a hundred dollars a pair and difficult to justify at times.

There is another brand of a similar shoe that is half the price, which probably indicates it is not made with the best materials. Your shoes are something you use every day and will wear down, but paying the extra money for a shoe that’s sole is going to support you and stand up to all the walking, hiking, or running you may be doing is always worth it.

Cheaper shoes will wear down faster, meaning you will have to buy a replacement sooner than if you had invested in the higher quality shoe. Consider Endurance Carbide, a company that makes and sells machine parts made of tungsten carbide. It is more expensive than steel, but it can save companies money when a machine part breaks because it is made of steel.

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Invest In Home Improvement

When you are buying a home, you are smart with your dollars. You aren’t going to spend a ton money on a house that needs a lot of repairs because you know you are going to have to put more money in later. The same is true when it comes time for home improvement projects. You wouldn’t save your money for an improvement project just to throw your money at poor quality materials or labor.

No, you save your money so you can improve the quality of your home with the best materials and the best contractor to get the job done right. A good example is your roof. The roof of your home protects the entire structure for the elements, so having a good roof is very important. Some people opt for shingles because they are a traditional look that are cheaper than a metal roof.

However, shingles need to be replaced more often, costing you more down the road. Metal roofs are more durable, maintenance free, and very attractive. Consider a residential metal roof as an investment in the future.

Pick And Choose

There are some things that are worth the extra dollars, so they last longer. Items that impact your health, or are everyday items should be made to last, as in our shoe example. However, putting more money towards things like shoes, home improvement projects, cars, and furniture means you can skimp on other items that you care less about. There are some consumer goods that will serve their intended purpose whether it is the cheaper version or the more expensive brand.

As an example, cleaning products and toiletries are safe to go the cheaper route on. However, if you find you are having to buy twice as much to get the same clean result, you wind up spending more money anyway, so opt for higher quality. Another genre of consumables to think about are electronics. Generally, cheaper versions of things that are powered will not last as long. You want electronics to work and work well, so it is not usually worth it to skimp on them.

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